Old iPad mini

Last night I found my very old original iPad mini (over 10 years old) discarded many years ago as nothing worked, bored I charged the unit and to my surprise the iPad booted.

Connected the iPad to the Wi-Fi I then spotted the Naim app on the desktop (previously this did not work) loaded the Naim app and for a moment the old UQ and 272 now long gone appeared, a few seconds later both my ND5XS2 and MusoQB were listed.

The iPad is now controlling all my Naim kit including Qobuz, IOS version is on the latest for this model v9.3.5

Just thought I would share my find.


Whatever you do, DO NOT attempt to update the app or delete the existing one.
You’ll find the newer app version are “not compatible” with your old iPad.
You will then not be able to use your iPad to control the Naim kit.
I found this out the hard way and had to buy a new iPad, taking about 2 months for it to arrive due to “supply chain issues”…


Thanks for the tip :+1:

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With Android in that kind of scenario you’d just find an apk of the older version and sideload it. Can you not do anything similar on iOS?

No you can’t do that with IOS.

The last compatible app version will load on your old iPad - so no worries with regards to updates.

That wasn’t the case with my old iPad. After deleting the Naim app, the only option was to download a new copy of the app.
The App Store reported “this app is incompatible with your version of IOS”.
As I was unable to update to a newer version of IOS due the age of my iPad, I could no longer use the iPad to control my NDX2.

In theory it should but I’ve had mixed results when I’d hoped that an older version of something purchased on a newer device would be available on the older one. I wonder if this functioanlity only came in with a certain iOS iteration (now we have iPadOS of course).

If people have older iTunes versions you could in the past manage apps via that including making copies of older iOS apps which you could backup and restore via a Mac/PC. I think apps such as iMazing can still do this.

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