Old Naim product Service problems

I live in a far east country.
Recently I asked Naim importer about my 52 and 3 pair 135 service. However, the importer says that can not any support for old CB and Olive products. Even the parts needed for recap are not supplied.
Now all Naim users older than 15 years in my country should be thrown in the trash.
It’s been over a month since I sent an email to Naim about this issue, but no reply.
I don’t like shipping to the UK with exorbitant shipping costs.
I miss the old Naim service.
How about other countries?


Hi Bob, sorry to hear that. While I’m not in your situation, I still think it’s an incredible service that Naim is providing when it comes to servicing product even up to 15 years old … not many companies are able to do such a thing.

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That is very odd. Have you asked the importer if they will ship the units back to Salisbury for service at your expense?

As far as I know, Naim can service almost everything they have ever manufactured, with a few exceptions where parts are no longer available (eg the lovely ARO).


Some of us live in the far east with no Naim distributor at all! The trick is to forge a relationship with a Naim dealer in another country like the UK or Canada and have servicing done overseas. I’ve certainly sent Naim amps back to the UK before. It’s not cheap but it is doable.

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Bob hello and welcome,

I wonder if @Richard.Dane could hasten a response to your email.



I saw similar problems in my country. I heard that orders of parts through local importer to Naim UK haven’t arrived for many months. Repair person I met says that they ordered parts 3 months ago, but he didn’t get any news about his order. Is this issue of global supply chain breakdown or only Naim’s?

I seem to recall there having been some issues for many years servicing old kit in the OP’s country (I recall selling new kit there was difficult enough due to onerous certifications, probably designed to protect local manufacture)! It’s something I brought up with Naim sales when I was last at the factory. I’m not sure I can give any good answer here but I would be patient and await word from the factory.

I think you’re in the same country as the OP.

the importer says that can not any support for old CB and Olive products.

This is available from Naim, in the UK. Definitely.

The importer changed a while ago and the new importer told me that they had an agreement with Naim not to support the old product.

South Korea, I started with Nait2 in my 20s and am currently using Active 52/135 with early Linn Isobarik/Mana stand .


The importer seems to be talking bow locks. I can’t imagine why you are wasting time talking to them.

Although it is (rightfully) frowned upon to circumvent local dealers and the country distributor by buying and servicing in another country, I think if the distributor in South Korea cannot help you, you are 100% justified in bidding them farewell and finding a dealer in the UK or Canada (two well known good locations for quality servicing) for servicing and future purchases.

Shipping costs are significant but can be reduced by doing so in bulk. When I had 6 Naim boxes and a pair of floorstanding speakers sent to Japan, my UK dealer arranged for an aircraft pallet with FexEx. It cost the same as sending 3 Naim boxes and no speakers separately.

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Have you tried Chris West at AV Options in the US? He would know if anybody does and might have a suggestion for you. He has done some outside the box thinking and does great work.

Yes, I know AV Options. It’s cheaper than shipping to the UK, but I still don’t want to pay for round-trip shipping.

I don’t want to appear unkind in this season of good cheer, but you’re not exactly helping yourself here.

Your local Naim importer refuses to service (perfectly good and serviceable) equipment, so - not unreasonably - you ask for suggestions.

That must necessarily involve sending the equipment abroad, and the UK, USA and Canada have all been suggested. But you refuse all suggestions made, saying that you don’t want to pay the carriage costs of doing so.

So you have now backed yourself into a corner, from which you seem not prepared to move.

I wonder what you propose to do next, indeed I don’t really understand why you bothered to open the thread. What other options do you imagine are available?

It so happens that I have a 52 and a pair of 135s in my system, which are well overdue for service. I’m not thrilled about the anticipated cost of their repair, but I’ll get them back in due course at least as good as when they each left the Naim Factory in the first place.

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My question is NOT what should I do? Read the last sentence again.
I am curious about how to recap old Naim users in countries where Naim recap service is not available.

I don’t think anybody wants to spend money but one normally doesn’t get products or services without doing so.

This is not exclusive to Naim, this could apply to anything. You have to get it to someone that does the service, and that might be in another country.
I have a mid 90’s Cyrus amplifier, I’m in the UK, and no one not even Cyrus will service it. So it’s broken junk. At least with Naim worst case scenario returning it to the factory will result in a good as new amp.