Old or New Classic?

I will be upgrading my existing Naim system, but I am unsure what path to take. I was thinking to move from my 122x / Flat Cap / NAP 250 to a NAC 282 /Supercap /NAP 250 and then pickup the NDX 2 streamer later. I’m currently using the Cambridge CXN V2 as a bridge until I can afford a Naim streamer.

It looks like this option would cost me £4500-£5500 (2nd hand) before the NDx2.

Alternatively, I can buy a new NSC 222 and immediately upgrade my preamp and get a streamer for slightly more.

Then I can use the money I was originally going to use for the NDX2 +2.5k to get the NPX 300.

I am just not sure on how the new classic system compares to the old classic and I can’t really find a good review that can provide some clues.

Appreciate any advice or views.


If it helps, you can power a 282 with your existing flatcap, thereby reducing initial upgrade costs. Later swap to a hicap (only go with a supercap if you are considering a 252 later, or instead a pair of hicaps on the 282).


As you already have a 250, I would stick with the older range. As @robert_h suggests, get a 282 - and then a HiCap.

Or… if you are going pre-loved, look for both a 282 and a HiCap. See what you find first…!!

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Thanks to you both for the prompt feedback. Is the older nap 250 not compatible with the new 222 kit?

Older amps such as the earlier incarnations of the NAP250 can absolutely be used with the NSC222, but you’ll need an appropriate cable (which Naim can supply) to connect them together.


Is there no way you can listen to them in a local Naim dealer? You could well fund you have a strong and even surprising preference.

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There are loads of impressions and reviews on this site and others. Not hard to find. But you won’t know until you listen and hear for yourself.


Thanks all for the feedback. I setup a demo at my local shop for next week. It’s primarily to test the 222 I just need to find a place that has a 282 I can demo.

Hi again I have decided to go with a Nac 282 and sadly the Hicap I bought used didn’t work when it arrived. I am temporarily going to use my flat cap until I can get another, but I can’t find any wiring diagrams that display the flat cap hooked up to the 282. Are you sure they are compatible? Thanks

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