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no definitive answer that I can find.

It is often posited on here that the power supplies should be to the rh side of the item it is powering. On a typical stand, say a Fraim, why is that preferable to having the power supply below the item being powered.

In my opinion it is to maximise the distance between sensitive electronics of the head units and the transformer in the power supplies.
Typically the transformer sits on the right side of the power supply.

That theory makes sense but Naim typically show the psu below the head unit in their marketing?

I think in marketing especially aesthetic thing rule… In adverts often the cables are not shown because it does not look as nice.

Aesthetics are important here too. :smiley:

Hence the question.

It all depend on whether you can accommodate or afford more than one stack of Fraim.

The transformer in a NAP is on the right, so… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Richard. I have a different stand but I can either put them side by side with an approx distance of 210mm from transformer position to the side of the head unit, or put them one above the other with a distance of approx 100mm from transformer position to head unit.

Transformer on the 300 and 552 is on the right of the psu, not in the head unit.

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If the vibrations are going to the floor, through the frame, it makes sense to put the transformer closer to the floor as it vibrates more than a head unit.

With head unit below the transformer, vibrations will be passed past the shelf containing the head unit which is sensitive to vibrations.


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Thanks, yes. I am about to strip down for the annual dust. It is as shown below with the psu on the bottom shelf. I am contemplating moving the head units to the shelf above them and moving the other kit to the shelf above that. I then have the opportunity to swap the psu to be one above the other. I have an ocd problem though of not wanting the on/off buttons to be one above the other. Minor detail but I like the look of the 300 head unit being next to the 552 head unit.
However if sq can be improved by offending my ocd, I shall make it so. :grinning:

No Fraim here.

We tried various arrangements. My old ears can’t detect when a Burndy is touching the floor, but they can detect if I put a box with a big transformer on the left and within about 50cm of the preamp - it hums a bit and sounds a bit crude. Unlike most upgrades, this sort of thing costs nothing to try for yourself of course.

If you have never tried Isoacoustic Gaia feet under your Spendors, I’d suggest giving them a try.

Having the PS to the CDS2 on the left and 70cm below the preamp causes no audible effect at all, but having the Supercap in that same slot was definitely not right - we tried. Neither could I live with putting the Radikal LP12 PS anywhere near the phono stage or preamp, but your P8 shouldn’t have that issue anyway.

I should also thank @HungryHalibut of this parish for some handy suggestions about box order.


Sc below the pre is relevant. Thanks.

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So I think I will try

bottom shelf Left with 300dr, Right with 552 psu
Second shelf Left with 552, Right with 300 psu

Cables will cross obvs, but hopefully will miss the floor.

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A big advantage of having the power supplies on the right, as well as maximising the distance between the transformers and the sensitive bits, is that the mains cables are kept to the extreme right, leaving the more sensitive interconnects to occupy the space on the left.

With the wonderful, and very sensitive, 552 in the mix, I’d be looking for a better stand and ideally two completely separate stacks, to maximise isolation from vibrations. It does look rather crammed in together.


Indeed it is a little crammed, unfortunately. That may change in the fullness of time.


These rubbery feet from HRS had a small but positive effect between olive boxes and granite shelf, but: -
A. In my house, the effect was irrelevant unless the volume was enthusiastic/ noisy.


B. What we were hearing seems to have been transmitted through the floor, so Gaias on the speakers worked rather well and probably reduced the effectiveness of these things.

Other products are available.

It’s started.

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Node, 62, 140 doing a stirling job as stand in. Coffee and tomorrow is another day.

and now perhaps like many recently I’m asking is it time to simplify. This 1200 pounds uk pre owned kit is something I could easily live with. :rofl:

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