Old streamers (Uniti, SuperUniti, N272, Mu-So v1...) & vTuner HTTPS radio streams problem


I own a Nova (in my private auditorium room) and a Uniti v1 (in the leaving room).

Yesterday & today, I find a problem : several iRadios that plays perfectly with the Nova are in not reachable using the Univi v1. There is a lot like this. A french oldies radio named NOSTALGIE FM or with EUROPA RADIO JAZZ for example.

My Uniti v1 (upgraded to 24/192 board) is with the latest 4.7 firmware.

If you got a old Uniti streamer (or N272, ND5XS and similar), do you have the same problem ? Can you try for example NOSTALGIE FM or with EUROPA RADIO JAZZ ?

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Not working on my Uniti either (or Muso Qb 1st gen)

Hi @jeanchris

Europe Radio Jazz - their http streams are no longer working, only https secure streams. Currently I can’t get either to play from VTuner as they are referencing the http ones. We try to avoid https streams if possible as they are not compatible with older products. I’ll send the radio station an email on the subject as their website is providing broken links as well.

Nostalque - the station have put a redirection on the link and it starts off as a http feed, but that now feeds to a https feed, which has a security profile that is not supported. Again, I’ll see if we can find a work around for this.

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Steve Harris
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Naim Audio Ltd.

Hi @osprey, thanks for your test.

Thanks to @Stevesky too. I know the root cause now : all radio with a HTTPS URL will not play with old units.
Almost 30% of radios I listen with the Nova fails with Uniti v1 because of this ! It is a “nightmare”.

Nevertheless, regarding EUROPA RADIO JAZZ, I can play it with my Nova without problem.

Two more samples for you Steve in order to config the diagnostics : RFM 103.9 FM ; CHERIE FM

I’ll try to change the topic title with something like “Old streamers & vTuner HTTPS radio streams” to be more appealing for others with similar problems.

Is it “possible” to update the old products to give them HTTPS compatibility ?
It seems more & more radios migrates to HTTPS flows (mainly in Europe because of GDPR regulations as far as I can see).

Hope a workaround will be found as listening radio is about 60% of the use for this Uniti.

A possible temporary fix is to use minimserver and follow the Radio Paradise FLAC thread to add the https feeds, you will need the https link for your chosen radio stations.

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Thanks @HiFiman. It can be a solution but I already got Asset UPnP and don’t want to setup a second server as the Uniti in the living room is mainly used by wife & children.

In Asset UPnP I can set up radios as M3U playlist but it did not solve the issue as the Uniti wanna link to the HTTPS. It cannot transcode in this case. Asset UPnP got radio that can be transcoded to WAV but it is TuneIn and not vTuner or manual added radios.

Really hope that Naim add the support for HTTPS radio to the old units.

Hi @jeanchris

We did some more work on this one. There are actually 2 very different issues:

Europa Jazz Radio - that is now fixed and should play on all products.

Others - that is not https, but an abnormal http 301 redirect that is in codepaged French. We’ll see if we can get that network to sort it by using a more machine friendly redirection.

In regards to https, we updated the older products to have https support in v4.6, although we don’t support all security profiles. However, this is not an issue at the moment.

With regards

Steve Harris
software Director


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