Old system changing speakers

I have a very old naim system: CD1, 82, 180, Hi-Cap, 03 Tuner with a Linn LP-12 Hercules 2. I have been using Credo speakers for some time and I am now looking to upgrade the speakers through 2nd hand or ex-demo speakers. The first that have become available are B&W PM1 and Spendor A4. I was wondering if either of these would be an upgrade and improve the system, my budget is around €1500/£1500.

My system wasn’t that different to yours, and I was looking for something to replace the Credos’ which I think are excellent. After listening to some ATC SCM40’s and Dali Rubicon 6 speakers, I ended up with some Splendor D7.2 as the others didnt in my opinion do much better than the Credo’s. The Splendors are £4.5k though new, but are well respected here on the Naim forum

Maybe look for some Allaes and have all the units serviced if they haven’t been already?

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Thank you, I’ll keep an eye out for any deals on these.

unfortunately I am now living outside the UK and getting he units serviced seems to be a logistical nightmare

+1 for Allaes.

I have used a similar set up to yours. I have just bought some used Allaes and I am very pleased with them as an upgrade over my Credos.

I don’t think it is essential to have them serviced. I just took care in sourcing a good pair, relying on the selling dealer’s description of condition and history.

How many years has it been since the 180 in particular has been serviced? With these older amps it’s very important. My original 250 was bought in 1983 and I sent it for service after 10 years. Naim told me that the caps were so shot that the amp could easily have gone unstable and taken out the speakers. I suspect you may say that it’s never been serviced, and if that’s the case, that’s what you should be spending the money on. If doing the 180, you could do the Hicap at the same time.

I also use Allaes with an 82/180. Very happy with this combination. I picked mine up for a good price in UK and had them brought over to Germany by some friends, which was handy. My previous speakers were Intro II, though this was when I was using a Nait 3. The Allaes are a different league and I would definitely recommend them.

What I particularly like about the Allaes is the curved top which stops others attempting to put a cup on them Ahhhhh :woozy_face:


Unfortunately all your olive boxes will benefit from a service, before any speaker change. I’d just stay put as more revealing speakers may indicate issues (if you have such)

At least go listen to suggested speakers, both brands are more polite sounding than Credo, totally different in fact.
There’s so many other brands out there.

good advice, thank you

thank you, I’ll look into a service too

Thank you, I’ll check out the possibility of a service from Ireland

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