Older 252 and supercap

Looking for a 252 and supercap dr, found a 2008 super cap, dr’d in 2012 and refurbed by naim approved dealer 2020, with a 252 which is 2010 also refurbed 2020… would this pair sound any different than a more up to date 252 & s’cap? If so what would the difference(S) in aw be? Thank you

Hardly noticeable I’d have said if anything at all.


That does not ring true - unless its Class A…? They are the only Naim approved service agents, in the UK, as far as I know…

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The seller is in southern ireland, would they have approved dealers outside uk?

Ask who is the dealer and what did they do?


I would also ask to see the paperwork that the dealer gave the owner detailing what was done, when, and at what cost.


The only certainty here, is the DR’ing in 2012… But, as @JimDog says - I would want to see the paperwork on that, too.

If it seems too good, it probably is…

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in my system I have a serviced Supercap (Non DR) which was built in 2010 and serviced before I purchased it in March 2019, then purchased a new 252 in April 2019

they are very happy together and I hope they will be for some time, I love the music they control as pre - my main source is Kilmax LP12 and NDX (2014)

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If you can confirm the 252/SCDR were serviced in 2020, you you be in great shape.

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Thanks all, seller is getting paperwork from the dealer that reconditioned them

@JonnySidemouth I thought from profile you already have 252/SCDR.

Are you building a second system to similar spec?

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