Olive 250 vs 250DR

As the title suggests, does anyone have thoughts on the two. Currently running the olive 250, which is in need of a service, but have been offered a 250DR at a great price. The only downside is that I am not able to demo it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Gary,

I have never been enamoured by the Olive. I assume you have an an Olive pre?

The 250DR is a great power amp. If you are getting it for a great price then I would think that it is a low risk decieion to just buy it and have an extended audition in your system. If you do not enjoy it then sell it on.

A friend had a 250DR that he loved, but when offered an ARC power her decided to sell it …why? Because Naim is so easy top sell on without taking a loss.

If you do go for it please post your thoughts.


I prefer the olive sound, I just couldn’t get the same enjoyment out of the DR range, we’re all different. Can you buy the DR and keep onto the olive for a while just in case? As above, it will be easy enough to shift on especially if you get it at a good price initially.


The 250DR is a great amplifier. It does all the hifi stuff better than the olive 250, while retaining the wonderful musicality that the 250-2 somehow lost.

If I was in your position and offered an attractive upgrade deal, I think I’d take it. I honestly can’t think of any musical respect in which an olive 250 betters a 250DR.

Best regards, BF

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I currently have a 102 and hicap, but a new 282 arrives this week. The chance is to get the 250DR with the 282, hence 5he good deal.

The 282 and 250DR are a perfect match, both sonically and visually. I wouldn’t hesitate. Don’t forget that Hicap DR too!

I think I might be murdered! I will have to save some more pennies first, and use my original HICAP for now.

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…and an excellent match. I would go for this in a heartbeat, but I have already stated my bias.


I would have invested in a better source, and stayed with the Olive series.
For me and prolonged listening between the two series which Naim has produced, the Olive series, is with the musical result that best suits to my ears.
The difference between the two series, probably lies in the shape of the circuit design,and in the absence of of Holden & Fisher’s massive transformers, in the,new ,black series.
In your place, I would send the amplifier to Naim, for a comprehensive periodic service and continue to enjoy it for years to come.
Same goes for the pre amplifier and its power supply.
By the way,
My comparison is based on listening to 250/250 DR + 135S / 300DR.

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I have both a 1985 CB NAP250 (Naim serviced a few years back) and a NAP250DR. Used with my NAC552, great though the NAP250 CB undoubtedly is, the NAP250DR is clearly superior, more dynamic, more resolving, greater bandwidth, greater texture, superior space and depth.


It depends on what the source is and you may well be right. It would be useful if more people put their systems in their profile, so that advice can be given with fuller knowledge of the situation. The OP asked simply for a view on which amp is the best match for a 282.


Apologies, I did not think of that. My source is a Michelle Orbe with Funk FX3 and Lyra Argo I. This feeds the 102/hicap via a Rothwell signature 1 phono stage, into the Olive 250. Finally ends with Wilson Benesch Arcs. I am due change the 102 to a 282, and was wondering if the 250dr would be better suited.



No need to apologise, it just makes I easier in those cases where people say they want to upgrade their amplifier and it turns out they are using a £20 CD player! In your case the front end and speakers are both superb, and the 282 and 250DR will be perfect. Just don’t forget that Hicap DR once the threat of a painful death has passed…

The only scenario where keeping the olive 250 would be clearly advantageous would be if you had the option to spend your money on a 52/SC instead of the 282.
An 82/SC would be a more finely balanced scenario and I’d rather a 282/HCDR/250DR…

As Svetty above-
the best bang for your buck will be-well serviced 52/s.c/250 or even 135s instead? :wink:

Yes Richard,
But apart from those aspects of reproduction …


Best, BF

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