Olive and Chrome Bumper?

This may have been asked before but I tried searching. Is it OK to mix olive and chrome bumper components in the same system? I am looking at an Olive NAC82 with maybe a CB HiCap and Olive or CB NAP 250. I realise the looks won’t match but I can address that in the future.

I used to have a mix of Chrome Bumper and Olive components and they all worked fine together. The power amps and power supplies might need a service, depending on when last done.

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It’s fine to mix different ages of Naim kit.

Currently running a ndx2/xpsdr into a Olive 72 fed with a hicap dr. No CB I’m afraid.

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I’ll add my tup’porth. I used to run mixed olive and CB gear (including 2 135s of each type) until I relocated my listening to my study on my retirement, at which time I went all classic. Always sounded first class. It was all purchased new, but over a long period of time with various upgrades along the way.

And in case anyone asks … a lot of my living room system is not in the hands of my youngest son-in-law, who is using a mix of olive (52/52PS) and classic (250), along with classic AV2, 145. Again, sounds great.


I have seen what is described as “an early bolt down” version of a NAP 250. It has 8 elliptical plastic caps on the back each with 2 Naim circles in the middle. Is this OK and does it just connect to a Pre (NAC 82) with the 3-4 pin DIN provided? Are there any issues I ought to be aware of, as it looks very different from other 250s?

I don’t think they are plugs, but the output transistors. Others with more experience of BD kit will definitely know.

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I have a mixture of CB, Olive and Black Naim kit. The CB units were converted to Olive, by Naim.

All work fine together… :grinning:

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Yes, BDY58 output devices; four for the amp stage and four for regulation.

The NAP250 cannot power a pre-amp.

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So it just needs HiCap and good to go?

Yup, a HICAP will do just fine on a NAC82.

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Decent Olive HCs can be hard to find. Plenty battered ones. Plenty that have been serviced with " upgrades".
Perhaps I was being greedy wanting original packaging, mains lead and snaic. The manual is also nice. Even the youngest ones are now 20 years old.


Risking the wrath of people looking, but I got a good condition, working, unmolested Olive HiCap for £375, pre-loved from TomTom, back in 2012… :grinning:

Came with a Grey SNAIC-5 and in its original box.
I don’t think there was a Manual for a HC, back then.

Really? I have just bought one after keeping an eye out for no more than three weeks. Admittedly no original box, but it is undamaged and gives good sound with my unserviced 82. I haven’t peeked inside yet but if I keep the Olive set up I will get them serviced as I would whether they had an original cardboard box or not. 392.00 pounds sterling including postage.

I recently bought a freshly serviced Olive HC in an albeit visibly aged original box

They seem to come up pretty regularly in comparison to NAC72, NAC52 or olive XPS and a bit of patience should pay dividends

That’s Patina… Adds to the charm…!!

Looks like you guys have got more lucky than me with Olive HCs.
I was after a second one after Xmas and came up against some less than helpfully dealers. One of which was selling one on ebay that had been serviced incorrectly. Yes, I was being fussy wanting all the bits it came with from day one. I value that stuff over a bare unit. And my loft is full of naim boxes! Some of that tat on ebay was fetching great money for the seller, but in my opinion was well over priced. But I shouldn’t complain, as I have sold a shed load of MF gear for stupid money to fund my naim habit.

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Completely agree with @chris5 above. “Patience” is the watch word.

To the OP and anyone else considering buying and collecting “pre-loved” Naim items, whether early Classic, Olive or Chrome Bumper. First, do research and know what you want? So, you know what you are looking for. Research can start right here, in this Forum. Most questions can be answered in these pages or by asking. Second, be patient. If you know where to look, your target item and spec’ will eventually appear. Be prepared to wait if the first few aren’t right for you. Third, engage the seller and find out about condition, previous use, service history, usage, etc, etc. Most sellers are more than happy to share detailed images and answer reasonable questions. Provenance is so important to any decision to buy and the price you pay. The final step is maybe flexibility, so as to compromise when the “nearly right” thing comes along…

A little bit about this final thing, “flexibility”. Maybe combined with this is a little worthwhile knowledge of the HiFi landscape and where to go to get things done, find bits and fill in missing gaps. So, if the item wanted is not “perfect”, think maybe what’s involved to get it back to near perfect and factor this into your decision and offer price.

A good example of this thought process might be an Olive shoe box sleeve case - if damaged or just really poor quality - on an otherwise good piece. Maybe source a scrapped unit which has a good case and transfer over? It often surprises me what Naim dealers have in scrap boxes underneath their work benches. Fascia knobs, spare 3xx cards, etc, etc. Just ask?

A good dealer will help with requests about service history - it’s possible to find out from Naim when things were made, where they were originally supplied, if they have any service history recorded. (Best not trouble HQ with this. Go through your Naim dealer). In my experience, Naim dealers are usually more than helpful, a treasure of knowledge and happy to support your efforts. Tony and Graham at Basically Sound are both brilliant.

  • Accessories missing can be sourced from elsewhere.
  • Most owner manuals can be found online now.
  • Servicing older items, if required, can be done at Naim HQ, through your Naim dealer. Also, there are alternatives like ClassA in Sheffield or Witch Hat Audio in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. All will help if you ask them.
  • Where Naim no longer support a product, after market specialist suppliers can sometimes provide near alternatives, for internal parts, whole boards or sub assemblies.

My own experience, most things can be achieved, with time or patience.

Finally, most importantly, enjoy the journey. Hobbies are supposed to be fun :wink:
Hope this reflection helps others on their HiFi journey

Best wishes


@ratrat - Excellent post. Do Your Research. Read the Forum.

BUT - so many peeps just won’t do that - they just throw an ill thought out post up, on here.
Sadly… :neutral_face:

Regarding Service History, if I may correct/add - I have found Naim HQ to be very helpful here. If given a Serial No. they can/will tell you if they have ever seen in back, for service or whatever. No need to involve your Naim dealer, IMO. YMMV, as always…

Time and Patience. Yes - but again - see above. Some people just cannot… wait.

And finally… If its not fun, why are you doing it…? :thinking:

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