Olive and Chrome Bumper?

The CDS2 that I recently bought came with a “…recently serviced” description but arrived with very non Naim looking transit screws in the transport. I was a bit concerned but Naim HQ were incredibly helpful and confirmed it had been serviced by them back in January this year

As you say, very helpful and great to talk to

Agree. Naim HQ have provided me with the production dates of all my Olive gear. And confirmed that non had been back to them for service etc. Just email them.

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The approximate production date can be found here:

No need to ask Naim… :slightly_smiling_face:

PS. Could do with an update/correction (see 2019…!)… @Naim.Marketing - ??

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Haha. I originally gave them 2 S/Ns and asked if they’d been back. When they replied they offered the dates the 72 and 140 left the factory and to which dealer they went. Which I already knew from the boxes. But a nice touch.
And no, I don’t send the 72 nor the 140 birthday cards!


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