Olive CD upgrade - do I risk it?

I have a CDX and about 30% of my listening time is CD playback, through a 52 / Supercap and a pair of 135’s. My speakers are B & W 802 Nautilus, vinyl is via a Gyrodec / HR Power supply with an SME Series 1V arm and Dynavector DV 20X2L cartridge, which all sounds great to me.
I have the opportunity to get an XPS to add to the CDX. The only thing putting me off is that I have spoken to Naim servicing on two different occasions very recently, but was given two completely different answers about repairing the CDX should it need it ( it’s fine at the moment)
I’m a bit loath to buy the XPS if the CDX cannot be repaired, as I would then be stuck with a CDX I couldn’t use.
Does anyone know what the true position is regarding the repair of a CDX? I am tempted with the CDX as it is in stunning condition and a good price, although not serviced!
Many thanks for any views

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Here’s the most recent update regarding cd player servicing:

I would not hesitate to buy an XPS. It can be readily serviced - and can power a number of different items. So should your CDX sadly ‘die’, the XPS could power its successor - or be easily sold on.

Go For It…!!

The XPS won’t necessarily be able to power its successor. When asking this question some years ago, I was told an olive XPS can power an nDac but not a streamer. This may since have changed…

Ah… botheration…!!

CDX2/XPS(2) owner here… :expressionless:

You might be ok, if an XPS(2) means the black and not olive version!

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I AM Ok. Both CDX2 and ‘my’ XPS are 'Black.

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“The old ‘Olive’ XPS is still compatible with CDX and CDS model CD players, the HDX hard disk player and the DAC digital to analogue converter however.”

I have the same, olive CDX and XPS and I would just go for it. The XPS does lift the performance and you won’t be disappointed. I treat my CDX with care and hopefully it is good for years to come. I was told the same about repairs and availability of the VAM 1205 as mentioned by Robert.

By the way I think I’m right in saying that sometimes when it seems that it’s broken it can be just that the puck needs replaced.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do

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How much will a service and possible VAM 1205 be. My CDS appears to have a CDS2 mech which is a bit noisy when loading a CD. It is Serial Number 84838, it also uses the Puck 3 so maybe the service department can check if it has been serviced and when.


Thanks to everyone for your comments so far

I was interested to know what difference it made to the sound from someone who has it,
It seemed quite a lot which I what I had read in the reviews which has been confirmed, thanks Martin for that

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Hi, you will need to phone Naim and ask for confirmation of any service history they hold.

It hasn’t been serviced, according to the dealer advertising it

If they are a reputable dealer they should be able to do a 24hr soak test to make sure all is good. That and a warranty should give you peace of mind. You can always get it serviced at a later time.

I would go for XPS in a heartbeat. Although different, I have had 2 CDS2s and one CDS3s in last 5 years. Currently have CDS2 with XPS2.

The CDX will be alot better with Olive XPS or XPS2 or can handle an XPSDR or 555PS or 555DRPS is my understanding.

An XPS or XPS2 is probably more appropriate.

And if CDX goes wrong someone can fix it or buy a CDS2. They are available for reasonable money.

Feom personal experience I had 4 Naim CD players and think they are marvelous. If it lasts 5 or 10 years great!. They have lasted this long so hopefully all will be good.

There is lots of talk about mechs being unavailable but someone out there can fix them. Or just enjoy it and if goes wrong then deal with it then.

You can always sell Power Supply on. They are always in demand.


Thing to do is not keep pucks inside CD player and take them out and turn them upside down when not in use to reduce wear.

Sometimes having 2 or 3 pucks is good idea and rotate them.

Naim CD players are quality, sensitive and need a bit of love, care and attention. But build is rock solid.


You can get an XPS serviced for around £200 from Class A who are authorised Naim servicing agents.


Thanks for these comments, very useful !:+1:
I’ve had the CDX for over 20 years, and it was only a year or so old when I got it. So far it has been perfect
Interesting about the Class A serving cost, I knew about them but assumed they charge the same as Naim
All looking good, time for some phone calls I think…


I totally agree Dan, if it goes wrong they are fixable.

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That’s what I do, I keep mine upside down in a small dish so I don’t lose it. I really should get a spare one!

I have heard some use a puck 5? instead, as it has a stronger grip but I would rather stick to the one that comes with the CDX.

And yes they do like a lot of TLC!