Olive cdx mech?

Looking to built a olive cd /nait2 set up ,I no the mech can no longer be replaced ,how reliable are they and do they often break? Or is it just down to wear and tear ,thank you

Perhaps @Richard.Dane can help if you give your exact system details……info on rebuilding yourself is not allowed on the forum.

Sorry I ment to say I want to purchase a CDX /Nait

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The VAM1205s are getting very scarce nowadays. Most available on the market are either dodgy repros or secondhand pulled from old machines. I think Naim still have some and can still service the CDX though, but you may wish to find out from them through your dealer.

The 1205 is about average for reliability. Some go on an on, but some fail after a number of years. It’s pot luck really with any CD mech.

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