Olive CDX serviceable?

I have a chance to purchase a olive CDX but wondering can it still be fully serviced? Cheers

My understanding is that the Olive CD players can still be serviced, but Naim prefer for you not to send them in for service because they are delicate and can be broken in transit.

They can also repair them up to a point. The laser assembly can be replaced but not the mech. If you should need to send it in for a repair ask them to service it at the same time since it is already there.

For anyone within striking distance of Sheffield, I would suggest sticking it in the car and taking it to Class A, where it will get a Naim authorised service without being at the mercy of a courier.


Pretty much what my dealer says in respect of my CDX2.

Have just had a customer’s CD2 repaired (new DAC) and serviced (20 new tant caps fitted) by Naim HQ - all shipped and returned safely in current Naim packaging.

And the end results were very much appreciated by the owner.

No mention of reluctance due to risk of “in transit” damage from Naim service dept when RMA requested, but mech/laser availability was discussed (lasers - yes, mechs - no) and customer decided to go ahead on this understanding.

Just ensure that the CDX has its transit screws fitted properly, the correct packaging is used and shipping is insured (just in case) & all should be Ok… (famous last words!!!).


@BasicallySound Naim still have stock of the TDA1541A-S1? :open_mouth:

Yes, apparently they do!!!

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Regarding transit.

I had my CDI serviced in November 19 and e mailed Naim regarding servicing my CDS3 recently.

As @BasicallySound says, providing the transit screws are fully in place the return for service is all OK, CDI also looked and sounded like new when it came back.

Mind you, if you can drop off any of the boxes its going to be better for peace of mind.

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