Olive Flatcap on a Stageline - connection help please

I am making a foray back into vinyl after a couple of decades away.

I have just ordered a Rega Planar 6/Rega Ania/Stageline S from my dealer and I know I can power the stageline from my NAC 202 but I have an old Olive Flatcap (pre 2000) lying around and wondered if I should use that instead?

I think I need a 4-5pin Interconnect but I am not sure about which sockets to connect and can’t seem to find any suitable legacy wiring diagrams.

Can anyone (Richard perhaps) tell me how best to do the wiring and is there a big enough win upgrading to this from powering via the 202 to make it worthwhile?


Hi John…I had to face the same issue recently…check this picture:

it should help you.

J, it might be worthwhile, but much will depend on how “fit” is your Flatcap. If it’s in need of a service you may find the AUX2 power preferable…

Thanks for replying.
Richard - I suspect my flatcap is in need of a little love.
Alessandro - my flat cap is the original one with only one set of outputs 1 5-pin and 3 4-pin so slightly different to the arrangement in your photo but I imagine I use the 5 pin connection from the Stageline and a 4-5pin interconnect from Output A.

The Distributor over here thinks that maybe the powered socket in the NAC 202 will be the way to go - rather like Richard is suggesting. I may start that way and play around with power supplies when all is bedded in.


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