Olive hi cap

Finally arrived,but no instructions Manuel with it ,
What is the dial on front for and which outputs do I use on it

The HiCap supplies power to the NAC112 preamp listed in your Profile.

It’s difficult to say more, as your Profile doesn’t show that you have any more Naim components.

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The dial on the front is very important. Without using this, the hicap will not work.


The dial switches the HICAP on or off. On the rear sockets the DIN5 provides the DC power and also takes in signal. The three DIN4s throughput signal.

To use it with your NAC112 you will need the SNAIC 5 which hopefully came with your HICAP. You connect the HICAp with the SNAIC5 to your NAC112. You then connect the power amp to one of the three DIN4s on the HICAP that output the pre-amp signal.


PS Manual

Its amazing whats on the Web these days…


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