Olive Hicap with Supernait 3?

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if I could use an Olive Series HiCap with my Supernait 3. If so, would this be a worthwhile addition?

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I believe the SN3 will have DR power feeds to the pre-amp section so I’d say you really would need a HicapDR for the best effect.

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Curious now. What, precisely, is a “DR power feed”?

Discrete Regulator. As opposed to the LM317 monolithic regulator used previously.

Yes I’m fully aware of what DR is.

What I was asking is what is different about the SN3 pre-amp power inputs that makes them “DR different” to a bog standard twin +24V input…

The SN3 has an inbuilt DR supply for the preamp. Adding a non DR Hicap is unlikely to give much of an improvement.

I think that answers my question…thanks Nige.

But then that begs the question: if the SN3’s preamp has a DR reg(s) internal to the unit, then why is an external PSU necessary? Indeed I would then postulate that if the SN3’s internal DR regs are good, then any Hicap would be “good enough” to provide the current/charge reservoir, and indeed over-regulation at external PSU level could even be detrimental.

(Sorry, once an elect. eng., always an…)

I’ve had my SN3 running without an external PS for nearly a year now and it sounds great. The 3 has more extensive DR than the 2, so benefits less from a Hicap. I’m not sure anyone has reported findings on bare vs non DR Hicap vs DR Hicap. By all accounts a DR Hicap doesn’t make an earth shattering improvement so you’d think a standard Hicap would do even less. It may even make things worse.


Interesting idea, but I have neither SN3 nor HicapDR to try it out :grinning:

Anyway, there are already too many “black” units in my magnificent “olive” system… :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

But to get back to the OP’s question…I think that Nigel makes a valid point (at system level).

Electrically though, there should be no problem - you will not blow up the SN3. If you have an olive Hicap to hand (and, who among us does not?), then try it. And report your thoughts/findings.

From what i understand, the DR module in the amp feeds both power rails. By adding a DR hicap you get 2 DR units so one for each power rail, plus the benefit of a larger psu reservoir and transformer for the pre am side of th SN3. I added one to mine and its a discernible uplift


The OP’s question was, specifically, whether he could utilise** an olive Hicap with its two non DR rails (but with a somewhat substantial Tx & reservoir caps) would bring anything to the party over the SN3’s single(?) DR reg, and hence whether it would it be worthwhile.

It’s actually quite an interesting question as to which bit of the overall PSU is the driving force SQ-wise - massive Tx/caps, or highly optimised/tight regulation.

Obviously an opportunity for a blind test between the options :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry for the slight derail, however, I’ve read several of you posts and appreciated your insights so hope you don’t mind my asking…

I have an XPSDR arriving at the weekend, this will feed in to my NDX2 which is into my SN3 - I do also have a HCDR and wondering whether I can get some case back by flogging the HC? Guess my ears would tell me (is the usual repsonse) but this has got me wondering.

Thanks for your reply. I have to agree the SN3 sounds great as is so I think I will save my money and spend it on a better Phono Stage.

Thanks, that is interesting. I will seek out a demo before spending more money.

thanks, I agree, it dosent sound like the Olive would add much.

No worries about asking but I can’t really answer as I’ve never tried the Supernait 3 with a a Hicap. People who have seem to feel it’s worthwhile, but not as much of an impact as an XPS. I use a 555PS, which is suspect beats an XPS and Hicap. Add the XPS, get used to it, and then try removing the Hicap and see if you miss it would be my advice.

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