Olive hicap

I have decided to buy the olive hicap to go with my 112/150 system,what cables do I need to have and how would I connect it up

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An Olive HiCap should come with a Naim Mains leads and a Naim SNAIC5. Thats all that you need.

If it doesn’t then the price you pay should reflect this. The best you might get a pre-loved SNAIC is maybe £40…? New they are a lot more - I have a price of £199 from a couple of years back.

Go carefully… :expressionless:

PS. I bought an Olive HiCap for £375 - with all leads - in 2012.

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If you google ‘Naim NAC112 manual’ you should find what your need for connections, though a Flatcap 2 will probably be shown rather than a Hicap.

Enjoy your music :slight_smile:

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A lot of olive Hicaps on eBay have never been serviced and the costs of a service went up. Having been through the process, I would say that servicing a 20+ year old Hicap makes a big difference - better ancient olive and serviced than 15 years old and not serviced.


As said check the manuals online for the nac 112 and for the nap 150. You will need two snaic cables. One is a 5 pin and goes between the hicap and the nac 112, the other is a 4 pin and goes between the hicap and the nap 150. I assume you already have the 4 pin snaic and that will be unplugged from the 112 and put in to the correct socket on the hicap.


Indeed. An unserviced HICAP can make everything sound leaden, or worse.

As others have advised, you’ll need a SNAIC5, which hopefully will come with the HICAP (check). However, don’t worry if not, as all bar the last Olive units had a grey SNAIC, so a good opportunity to upgrade to a later (and superior) black one. Just be sure it’s a genuine Naim SNAIC (see FAQ on here on how to ID).

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Richard would a newer model hicap be ok as well,I’m clueless with all this naim gear hence why I’m on here asking the question

Yes, although the Flatcap2/2x is the natural partner, and an aesthetic match for the pre-amp and power amp, any HICAP will do just fine here.

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