Olive LED gone

Apologies if this is old ground; the LED has gone in my Olive 250 - any idea where I can get a replacement?

A Naim dealer may be able to check and replace if possible.

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You mean the Naim logo…?

A (good) Naim dealer should be able to sort that out.
Failing that, its back to Salisbury - or to Class A…

The illuminated Logo on one of my Hi Caps went very dim.

It had got to the point where it needed a service, so I asked Naim to fix it at the same time. Fine now

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Many thanks for the input. I don’t suppose there’s somewhere you can buy the LED from direct?

No, it may be something that could bee done by a dealer like Grahams etc., otherwise it will need to go to Naim or Class A. VFM-wise it’s probably something best done as part of a full service.

I guess this isn’t it…

No, those bulbs are for Chrome Bumper kit.

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