Olive lives - but 2-4 / 250's baffle

OK NAIM family and true supporters -

My not so dusty and reinstated Olive system is back and sitting nicely in the old Quadraspire housing frame rig.

Now the issue is - having followed the Naim cable route / connection matrix ( oh my eyes - my eyes)
I have the following - which is not doing what the pics said - so have I missed something

System = 52/ Supercap + Snaxo 2-4/ Supercap / 250x2 = SBL Active.

the book says - if correctly wired there will be one 250 feeding the HF and one the LF. NOT so here
I have one feeding the Left ( HF+ LF) and the other the Right ( HF + LF)
Checked the speaker cables ( L+R and polarity ) and the in / out of the Snaxo - but I’m baffled as to how its doing this - unless the NON olive cable set up is different …

It also does not sound quite right - I know its just been switched on - but the sound stage is all confused.
Advice and support please chaps…

Thanks MARC

Snaxo 242 is different to Olive 2-4. for the 242 you should have one amp on L&R treble, and one amp on L&R bass.

Thanks for the reply Richard -
Not what I’ve got - which I cant fathom as to why … One amp Bass / Treb (L) and one ® !

My system is 82+SC, SNAXO2-4 + SC, 2x250, SBLs (all olive)

It is wired such that one 250 drives the left speaker and the other drives the right.

So it’s not ‘me’ that’s wrong… it’s correct ?!

With the 2-4 you have one amp per channel. With the 242 one drives the bass and one drives the treble.

So I was reading the Naim site - for cabling right - but not the right product!

You’ll find the manuals on line, even though they might not be on the Naim website.

Muchos Graçias!
I am now more well informed.

Next question
How long - from switch on - (Left on mute I was always told!) should I wait before I get frustrated that it sounds flat /lacking in bottom end?
24h and it’s rather dull… ( source = LP12/ ITTOK LV2 / KRYSTAL )

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