Olive NAC62, NAP 140 and Hi-Cap

I have the following, all Olive, NAC 62 s/n 58217, NAP 140 s/n 59720 and Hi-Cap s/n 58495, none have any service history. All SNAIC’s and speaker cables as well. I’m wondering what they might be worth please?

Could I suggest that you have a look at eBay for what people are now asking?


Exactly. If you know how to use eBay, its very easy & quick to do this - and the results are based on actual sales. Not just guesses or opinions, on here.


If it helps I’ve recently paid around 300-350 for each (not ebay). Ebay prices indicate around 400 ish unserviced for each.

Service costs have gone up this year even at the independents so I wouldn’t pay more for unserviced kit.


Ebay fees are high for sellers. Everything has gone up. If selling on Ebay start price at what you want to get for unit and then lower it a little each week. It will find its own level. I paid about £500 for serviced hicaps around 4 or 5 years ago. I think you’re looking at £400 to £500 for each unit 62, HiCap and 140. Could be sold as a system: Fully serviced £1500. No service £1200. So if serviced you wont get your money back as you’re looking at over £200 for each unit to be serviced. Ebay is a good market to sell as its nationwide or worldwide. Like I said fees are high.


I agree, about £1,200 for the three units as they are. I was thinking £350 (62), £400 (140), £450 (HC) assuming decent condition and pair of phono cards.

Price for speaker cables will vary depending on type, length and connectors.


I’d want to pay £400 per item unserviced. But I’d want them to be in very good cosmetic condition along with original packaging and leads. Then I’d be sending off to Class A to restore to design.


What @bruss @Murmur @Thegreatroberto have said sounds about right.

That is, £350 - £400 - £450, dependant on usual variables, age, condition, original box and accessories included, service history, etc, etc.

I’ve just checked in eBay account for watched items and other history. (UK items only)

A NAC62 was available for sale in Jan23 @ £319.99. But didn’t sell.
Another NAC62 currently for sale (buy it now) @ £395. Trade seller.

NAC72’s seem to appear more frequently. The trend for these has been at £500+

I’ve also seen several sellers bundle 62 or 72 with HC and/or NAP. They tend not to sell so easily. Maybe because of the combined higher price point. So, might be easier to sell separately. Just a thought.

As always, on eBay, great photography helps build interest and bids.

Hope that adds something useful.
Good luck.


Goods work - but the OP really should have done this … :thinking:

Its Not Difficult.


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