Olive Nac82 No serial number staff build?

My S400s are staff build with SN starting with 9


Other than the missing components in the tape output stage, it looks like the standard axial caps have been replaced with radials & some of the tantalum cap have been replaced with film caps.


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As a simple ex-lawyer, I confess to being completely out of my depth when audio circuits are being shown and discussed.

I suspect that I’m probably not the only one here.

“Modified” or just “serviced”? Aside from the tape buffer section it might be a simply serviced unit. I’d listen to it. If it sounds good, great. If it doesn’t, return it. It would not be worth it to “re-service” it back to factory specs.


Thanks Neil. In such a scenario, would the tape input work properly and be safe to use - as long as the output is not needed?

Would the missing components cause any damage to the preamp/affect sound quality in your opinion?

Any chance you could take a wider shot to show, or trace where the orange & purple wires (marked below) go to please?

Many thanks

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Thank you @NeilS . Here is the image of a full shot.

From what I can tell, the orange and purple cables lead to Hicap 1 input, and poweramp input DIN.

I can take better photos over the weekend. For now it seems a bit unclear but the poweramp DIN input doesnt seem to have the 24V connected.

There are also around 6 of the gold capacitors underneath the motherboard.

Unless these key differences or changes were made clear by the Seller - and the OP understood them ( which is clearly not the case), I would be returning this ‘NAC82’ for a full refund.

IMO - YMMV, etc.

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This unit has clearly been modified outside of Naim spec. As such further discussion falls outside of forum rules. Thread closed.

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