Olive Nait2, rising in value?

I know the Chrome Bumper Nait 2 has always retained a marginally higher value due to it being rarer than the olive version, but it looks like the olives are catching up fast. One sold on ebay this weekend for a healthy £739, advertised and sold via a house clearance vendor. A tidy example, but certainly not mint, boxed and serviced.

An Olive Nait 2 went for £799 two weeks earlier. So, yes, it appears that prices are catching up but is the Chrome Bumper that much rarer?

Yes, it was manufactured for a shorter period of time but does anyone know the actual numbers that were made? In a poll of forum members the split of CB and Olive Nait 2 owners was almost 50/50.

And if you want a Nait 2 are you really bothered about the box and manual? As long as it arrives well packaged and you intend to use it what do the other things matter? The manual says very little and the box isn’t much to look at. As for condition, if it has a few marks these can be easily sorted with some touch up or a complete re-spray if you are feeling confident (small surface area so not much to go wrong :crazy_face:).

Some prefer a completely original unit but this seems foolish to me. The benefit of recapping can be heard by all. A smooth volume knob and a firm clicking selection knob feel so right. So factor in £200 for a service (inc shipping to him up North) or more depending on where you decide to send your treasure.

At the end of the day if you want one and you have the money you will buy one (£950+ would the going rate for a good serviced CB with the Olive catching fast it would appear). Beauty is in the in the eye …… but the Chrome Bumper definitely sounds better :wink:


Ah, missed that one for £799 as I only set up a search a couple of weeks ago but haven’t been checking it that regularly yet, but it does appear they have climbed since I last looked. IIRC, they were going for roughly around the £500 mark.

I’m only guessing, but I assume a forum poll wouldn’t reflect the true numbers of love vs CB out there.

Personally I’m not bothered about the box as its a disposable item that can get easily damaged in transit or in storage, but a manual would be considered desirable by many. But, I agree, if you are in the market, then condition is all, and the most desirable aspect.

But of course, CB always sound better! :grin:

When listening to music with my preferred dim lighting I find Olive more discreet in a small space like my den - just the soft green logo glow in near darkness plus music .


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