Olive PreAmp Input Button Alternatives

Does anyone know if there are available any Olive PreAmp Input Button alternatives available. I found a picture of some but they were not availableNaim-Audio-preamplifier-input-button-stickers-ORIGINAL-for

They do crop up from time to time in the usual sales places, and dealers tend to sometimes find them when tidying drawers etc… so worth few calls or keep your eye out.

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The Phono button for my 552 is sitting a drawer somewhere.

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@GadgetMan I have just spotted a set of these on a well known auction site. There are no bidders yet.

Thanks @Clive found them - a little pricy - will have a think. I do have a Naim engineer looking for me through their back of drawer collection also :blush:

iirc, i paid around forty quid for my set on fleabay

ouch - I hope the current seller doesn’t know that!

My 52 came with the whole set a few years ago. Now that I finally need to do a change around could somebody pls explain how to do it.
Is it just a simple remove the old one with fingers then peel back to 3M sticky side and stick? That easy?

you won’t get your fingers in, but you can lift one corner of the extant label with a pin, needle or with a pair of needle point tweezers - i fully recommend the tweezers.

just take a bit of care, it doesn’t need brute force, and will lift off easily. try and avoid touching the adhesive side with your fingers.

the new label can be removed from the sheet by the same method. then replace the old with the new label and stick the old label on the sheet for future use.

the adhesive “stickiness” is on a par with a post-it note. i have changed both my 82 and 102 several times, often reusing the same labels

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I found that the tip of a scalpel or modelling knife worked best. Pick a corner and then once it lifts you should be able to peel it off.

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