Olive series help

Hi everyone, I am a returning album player, I have purchased a complete Olive series set up and I need help.

A quick list of kit to hopefully help answer my question.
Nac 92R
Flat cap
3.5 CD
2x Nap 140s
IXO crossover
Credo speakers
Rega P2 turntable and carbon cartridge
Art DJ pre 11 stage / pre amp.

So I have plugged everything in and the CD works and sounds amazing, just as I had hoped it would. However the turntable has two issues, the first it seems to me to be very tinny, not at all like the sound from the CD.
Second the sound appears to be more from the left hand speaker again not the same as the CD.
Now for clarity I am not technical in any way, but I am logical so, have I missed something simple, that would cause this.
The 92 r does not have a phone stage / switch if that helps .

To say I am dissapointed as this was not cheap, and it’s something I have wanted for a long time, so if you can get me to a point where I sit and can say “that was worth the money”…I will be a very happy bunny!

Thank you in advance

Awre Gloustershire.

Firstly how have you connected the P2 record payer to the NAC92R? If directly connected to the Phono RCA phono input, then it sounds as though the NAC92R may not have any phono cards fitted. In which case you will need some phone cards - NA522s for a MM cartridge like the Carbon.

Or are you using the Art DJ phono stage? In which case, how are you connecting that to the NAC92R? Are you using one of the Din inputs, or the RCA Phono input? If the latter, it may require line level link cards (if cards had been fitted previously in its life). Better to connect via one of the DIN inputs though, but you’ll need an RCA Phono to Din interconnect.

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Hi Richard

Thank you for a quick response…

At the mo its connected through the Art , RCA into the art from the turntable and a pair of Linn RCA cables out to the input 1 of the amp.

I did try using a din in to input 3 it did not seem to impact.

OK, well it sounds like the Art DJ device may be the prime suspect. That actually may be a blessing in disguise as it seems an odd choice and really doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the level of the rest of the kit. I would suggest looking out for some NA522 MM boards or else perhaps a dedicated phono stage of better performance; a Rega Fono MM would be the obvious choice here.


Thank you, so my next question, if I wanted cards, are they an easy fit or does it need a specalist and if so who.


The cards are reasonably straightforward to fit. Main issue is opening up the case - not quite so straightforward with the 3 series kit (it uses plastic pins that fit in and expand locating grommets) - but easy when you know how. Then, it will depend on whether cards were ever fitted previously. If not, you need to cut a pair of links on the main board when you fit cards in place.

Ok, that’s a no then!!

Is the card performance better than the rega fono, or are they similar, clearly the rega option is going to be easier for me to sort.

It’s not so scary when you get down to it and I’m sure we could all hold your hand through the process.

Yes, the Rega Fono is rather easier. It’s a great budget phono stage and ideal for your P2 and Carbon, I should imagine.

I will do some research into both and see what options I have.

Thank you very much for your input.


The 522mm phono boards are superb and have the advantage of having the same signature sound of the rest of your Naim kit so another good reason for using them. It really not difficult to get the preamp cover off - just turn it over, undo the single grounding screw, then lever out the 4 inner plastic pins. The plastic outer grommets then simply lift out.

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It’s perhaps worth thinking of a better cartridge as the Carbon is not that great. You can get a ‘performance pack’ for the P2 with the Bias 2 cartridge, mat and upgrade belt for £100. Couple that with a Rega Fono MM and you should hear a big difference and enjoy your records a lot more.

I have a Nait3 that uses the same case so could post a few ‘how to’ pics here (with permission of @Richard.Dane )

By all means Mr.T…

I’d highly recommend something like an ATVM95E for the deck (less than £40). That combined with the Naim phono cards or a Fono will be great.

I have a P3 connected to my Olive set up and also had no phono cards in my NAC62 - I managed to get a fully serviced pair from Darran at Class A for mine for a great price.

I compared them to a Cambridge 641p and a Rega Fono and they were all very similar - the cards stayed as fewer cables, no extra box and they worked well :+1:

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Hi all

Again thank you all for your time.
Suggestions …

Where do I go to find the phone cards, dealer or are they something someone on here might have tucked away, and what would I expect to pay for said items?
I guess the next question is fitting, not feeling confident about doing it myself and with the current climate I guess it’s going to be postage to someone .
Is it something that someone here does for a price or do they have to go to a dealer.

I would guess that most people on this forum that have handled a phono card also installed it themselves.

Otherwise, any Naim dealer would be able to do this, or really any electronics technician if you must pay for this.

In terms of finding one, Naim dealers who deal in a lot of used equipment would likely have some laying around. I would expect to pay in the range of GBP100-ish for a pair of cards.

Wants and sales on this forum are strictly forbidden (please read forum rules, if you have not already done so). Best to contact Naim dealer.

What a great place to live … your own cider, but shame the pub is closed (Red Hart?).

Some pics to hopefully help show how to remove the outer case then install the phono boards.

First remove the 4 plastic rivets using a small pocket knife or similar implement. Gently slide the blade in between the case and rivet, then lever the rivets up and out. Do the same to remove the 4 plastic grommets (which are under the rivets). Then loosen and remove the case grounding screw. The outer cover should now be free to slide off.

The phono boards are ‘mirror image’ so each will only fit in one location on the main circuit board. You’ll notice one phono board is marked T and the other B and also the main board has corresponding markings so it’s easy to locate their respective positions.

Before inserting the boards you’ll need to cut each of the 2 wire links which are located on top of the main cicuit board on either side of where the phono boards will sit.

Carefully line up each phono board with the gold plated pins and sockets underneath, before pressing them down firmly to fully engage the white plastic retaining post near the centre of each board. Press evenly on the board edges, not on the components!


The Rega Bias cartridge seem to be discontinued.
Not sure if all “performance pack” is too.?

As others suggest, I’d upgrade cartridge to VM95 with choice of stylus.
or if not safe changing cartridge, a simple change of Carbon stylus to a more advanced tip, is an easy fix (widely available).