Olive SNAXO and Kudos?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if the olive SNAXOs could be officially serviced/modified to support Kudos speakers.


I doubt it. The 242 and 362 Snaxos used for current Kudos speakers are quite different to the Olive 2-4 and 3-6 Snaxos. Best to check with the factory though.

One for @Richard.Dane to advise on… :thinking:

I thought the actual filter frequencies were much the same, on all (S)NAXO versions…?

These didn’t make production, AFAIK, so on that basis I would not assume that Naim can modify an existing SNAXO to suit.

If in doubt, ask Naim directly.

Not sure I follow. There are current SNAXOs for Kudos speakers; naturally olive ones tailored to them wouldn’t exist due to preceding the speakers, but this is at most a crossover point/slope change, hence my question.

That said, I can also understand why Naim would rather sell a new one.

Are there? I know there was some work done and some prototypes (I even got to hear one such) but didn’t think they ever made official production.

@Richard.Dane As Naim decided to shelve this, are we allowed to mention alternatives?

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You can mention alternative brands making their own active crossovers.

Obviously any discussion of modifying existing Naim active crossovers, or of companies that undertake modifications to Naim equipment, would be a breach of forum rules.

Ok, thanks Richard.

I’ve heard very good reports about the Exposure xover for Kudos speakers. I presume it would accommodate Naim amps.

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My dealer tells me it’s an item I can order. Would probably be good for someone from Naim to confirm.

Probably best for Naim to confirm then.

Dave - The VXN certainly looks an interesting option. It might be worth giving Peter @Cymbiosis a call as he’s now stocking Exposure and he does like an active setup…


In a word: no

362 and 242 SNAXO for Kudos are available to special order currently for retailers in the UK but I can’t confirm anything for overseas markets.




I most certainly do!


As Peter has posted above, I have had confirmation from the factory that the Kudos SNAXO variant is available to order in the UK. Note that existing non-Kudos variant SNAXOs cannot be modified to the Kudos variant.

Yep - I’ve since ordered mine. :slight_smile:

Sorry, just to clarify, the new Kudos friendly Naim SNAXOs would be compatible with the older Naim amps (Olive series or even Chrome bumper)?

I can’t see why they wouldn’t be.

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My intent is to use mine with my Olive system.

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Hmmmmmm! Interesting.

You’ve got the cogs turning now. No immediate plans for further change but it’s nice to weigh up possible future options…Kudos T505s or T606s (passive for a while), then add a 2nd NAP250 and new SNAXO?