Olive Supercap vs Flatcap XS

I currently have an Olive Supercap powering a NAC 72. Would I notice much of a difference if I replaced it with a Flatcap 2X?

The Supercap seems over kill just to power a 72

Unless the Supercap is faulty or dramatically underperforming due to needing a service, then you will very likely hear a difference for the worse moving to a Flatcap 2x.

I thought a Supercap was overkill powering a Prefix. Until I heard it.


There have been a few reports here of people finding that a Supercap was ‘too much’ for their preamp, and that a lesser PSU was just right. For example, I preferred my 282 with a HicapDR rather than a Supercap DR, although others did not.
The 72 was designed to work with the Hicap, so if you want to hear yours as Naim designed it, that might be what you should consider….or maybe just stick with what you’ve got if you’re happy with it. I can’t imagine that a Flatcap would be a great choice here.

I enjoyed a Supercap on a 72 and CD5. However, on a Headline it was way too much stimulus to get any work done at my desk while listening.

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