Olive supercap vs hicapdr on a 282

1st off can a olive supercap work with a 282 ? I am assuming yes and if so sonic differences and or preferences vs a hicapdr, thanks for any info and experiences.

I had 2 olive hicaps on an 82 and now have a Supercap 2 on the 82 and the sound has a wider soundstage, more detail, depth and dynamics.
A Hicap Dr with a 282 is more in keeping than a 282 with Olive Supercap. I would imagine that the Olive Supercap if serviced would improve the soundstage.

I haven’t heard an Olive Supercap with a 282. I guess question is why not go for Supercap 2 or Supercap DR instead?

Hi thanks for the reply, was just wondering if the two were more close than different.
Possible money thing, looks like in my area(eastern US) there is a serviced recapped olive supercap, there are no supercap2s or supercap dr used right now, cant really afford a new supercapdr, plus
I havent heard it so buying used would be best in case I need to sell it.

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