Omnipresent 5si hum

There is a hum present regardless of input selection on my 5si which increases with volume to such an extent that it is quite noticeable at decent listening volumes.

The turntable ground is connected to the phono stage ground but still the hum is present.

Any bright ideas? There is nothing on top of the amp but there is a Sky+ box on the shelf adjacent to it.

Does the hum stop if you turn off the Sky box?
Do you have other sources connected to the Nait, or just the turntable?

I was going to ask whether the hum stops if the Sky box is disconnected from the mains.

What if nothing is connected to the NAIT?

The mrs is currently watching TV so can’t try at the moment but will do ASAP.

There is a streaming adapter/DAC connected to the Nait but the problem was there beforehand (the DAC is a very recent addition).

Perhaps you have a ground loop which can happen if more than one grounded source is connected to the amp?
Also, is anything connected to the HDD output?

No - nothing connected to the HDD in or out.

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