On a potential positive note

Evening all

Obviously with everything going on currently and all the doom and gloom out there, I thought we could plan something positive for those interested and able…

I thought it could be a nice idea to potentially plan a Naim owners Forum meet up. Maybe @Richard.Dane could arrange a factory tour (numbers depending) followed by a Curry at a nearby restaurant.
I am sure a travel lodge or B&Bs must be within a reasonable distance.
Another option would be if the Bristol Hifi show ever gets going again that could be another way to meet up enjoy what’s on show followed by an evening of a few drinks and a meal out?

Just a thought and probably a pipe dream for the time being! :roll_eyes:


Popeye :+1:t2:


Brand new one very very close on Southampton Road but looks small from the outside.
Its the other one https://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/hotels/england/wiltshire/salisbury/salisbury-south-milford.html

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Popeye, it’s a lovely thought, and I’m pleased you have an eye on a positive future, however, it’s probably a bit soon to be planning such things. Still plenty of challenges to overcome and of course Covid is still very much with us, now and for the immediate forseeable future, at least until the effects of the vaccines start to kick in sometime over the next year.

Of course, once the factory again opens its doors to visitors and a forum visit is on the cards, I’ll let you know…


I did say pipe dream! :joy::joy:

@Richard.Dane can’t you just be like a politician and say what we want to hear then…:expressionless:


Great idea popeye.

I think several forum members have probably had meet-ups etc in the past, and it would be nice to do this sort of thing when the proper time allows.

I am with you on this Popeye - a great idea. I will bring a can of spinach just for you also!!

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We’d love to welcome folks through the doors in Salisbury as soon as possible. We currently have strict restrictions in place in order to maintain activities on site, but Richard and I will keep an eye on how things develop and look forward to making some plans!


Count me in! I look forward to a visit to Salisbury when the covid situation allows. Would love to meet fellow devotees!

The last joint visit reported on the forum appeared to have been a great success, enjoyed by all, no doubt cementing or creating some friendships, and subsequent posting of a group photo was revelatory at least to some.

However, whilst it would be nice to put faces to names of at least some people, some of us wouldn’t be eligible as we are not Naim owners! And of course for people not living in mainland UK it can be a major trip unless keyed to something already taking them there with time to spare.

Does anybody kwow how the quality of the Fish & Chips is in the old building at Salt Lane?

This is a pipe dream, Popeye:

Thousands of pipes.

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During weekend or weekdays?

Depends if they use one or two 555s.

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Yes, thats a really good idea Popeye, planning a UK visit for 2021 and hopefully they will let us in! :slightly_smiling_face:

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