On Demand not connecting

Has anyone noticed an issue with on demand services?
My Naim 172 no longer plays BBC On Demand services. I am able to locate the on demand (BBC in this case) service via the app or directly via the streamer but when I press select, an error is displayed.

Live radio works fine (IE it’s not a network issue) but any on demand service generates an error.

I’ve emailed support @ naim

Sadly not good news from Naim support…

This is a change from BBC not allowing the on demand services outside the BBC app
We would recommend playing these services via BT or airplay from your device

The BBC Sounds app is a far better way to access BBC radio than the Naim app ever was. I would use that, and either Bluetooth it to your streamer or connect an old Airport Express to it and use AirPlay.

I have a Logitech Bluetooth module connected to the 172 so I now use either an Alexa Dot or my Android smartphone to connect to that.

I agree with @ChrisSU regarding the BBC Sounds app. I connect to my 272 using Chromecast. I bought a Chromecast Audio dongle before Google stopped making them but they still appear on eBay often.

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