One box or two

There’s an interesting article written by Mr Everard in the latest edition of Hi-Fi Critic comparing the similarly priced one box Nova to the two box ND5 XS2 / Nait XS2. Looks like the entry level kit is still doing the business (Nova reliability aside) and delivering the SQ goods in spades. Well worth a read as is the whole mag - expensive, but high quality journalism (just a shame that Paul Messenger has moved on)


So what’s the result?

Thanks for this James. I think I will grab myself a copy tomorrow as I run both ND5 XS 2 & NAIT XS 2 and i am very pleased with my recently acquired pairing :+1:

And the answer is?

I am very surprised there has been so little in terms of comparing these two options. If I was a dealer I would have does this comparison the moment the ND5 XS 2 was released. Surely the two box separates option betters the Nova - the question is to what degree. Anyone able to shed some experiences on this?


Sorry chaps - the final result was very close, the conclusion being that both gave excellent results and the separates allowed a more flexible upgrade path (if that’s your bag). Both it would seem, would provide a lot of musical satisfaction. As 1GL mentions above, given the minimal price difference between the two solutions, a demo is a must to see what is best for you…


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