One channel blues

:notes:Woke up this morning….

Seem to have a right channel this morning preforming as usual with the left off on vacation.

I’ve swapped the speaker cables over on the speakers and the issue moves to the other speaker making it look like an issue with one of the Naim items. I’ve also swapped over the speaker cables at the back of the amp which didn’t resolve the one channel issue either.

I’ve tried with streaming, attached USB drive and radio all show the same issue.

I’ve checked the balance dial is in the correct position, the speaker cables are seated correctly at the amp end and have switched off and on all Naim items and have still only one channel of sound.

Both ears seem to be working, any suggestions?

I had very bad distortion on one channel last week.

Unplugging the snaics and re-inserting cured the problem

Thank you for the suggestion @Fatcat and sorry to hear you had some sound issues yourself. Unfortunately unplugging the lead from my streamer to the preamp hasn’t helped.

There is a known issue with relay failure on DIN output on early-ish ND555s (faulty component batch). Try the RCA output as a check. If this works, then the issue lies with the DIN output on ND555 or the interconnect you’re using or possibly the input being used on the 552. Should be easy to figure out which.

The problem I had was caused by the Snaics connections. Cables between the power amp, power supply and pre-amp.

I also had a channel go down a couple of months ago. My wife accidently switched off one of my power amps (I have a pair of mono 110’s) during dusting frenzy. :scream_cat:

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So, to re-cap, it’s on all sources, so we can probably rule them out as well as any issue with a source i/c.

I also assume you have done nothing to the system as far as connections, disconnections since it was last sounding fine (that way we can rule out the classic of getting the DIN-XLR channels the wrong way around, which will only give you one working channel).

If so, as a first step, I would power everything down and carefully undo and then re-make all the SNAIC and Burndy connections from 552 pre-amp, through to 552PS then from 552PS on to NAP500. Then power up and see what’s what.

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Your all sources comment got me to try my LP12. When used as the source I have 2 channels again.
Seems the problem is with the streamer connection.

I recently stumbled on an issue whilst doing some cable dressing. Bumped the 5 pin snaic from 282 to hicap and heard a rustling noise in left speaker, thought maybe a bad solder joint, checked and nope, no issues. Then under a neighbors bench light magnifier you can see the build up of some type film on the snaic pins, I cleaned the pins up properly (he is an electronics geek) and presto, no signal issues.

I remember a thread from years ago we are a forum member suggested that every six months you unplug your kit from power, and exercise your snaics/ cables in an out of their dedicated socket simply for this reason.


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It’s actually in the manuals.

Interconnect plugs and sockets should be kept clean and free
from corrosion. The easiest way to clean them is to switch off
the equipment, pull the plugs out of their sockets, and push
them back in again. Contact cleaners and “enhancers” should
not be used as the film they deposit may degrade the sound.

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