One channel only

I was rather hoping that Naim had moved on from this fixed price service model, which in the past has seen people being charged several hundred pounds for the replacement of a 10p battery, and a similar amount for another unit to have its entire guts replaced with updated components. A massive rip-off for one customer, and an absolute bargain for another.


I’ll give Naim a chance but I’m not optimistic - TomTom were told that I’d have to pay for any repair to my NAC552 (which is one year old) because the warranty doesn’t transfer to a second owner. That’s clearly wrong from the warranty terms on Naim’s website (2 year does transfer provided you have the original purchase receipt, which I have) - it is the extended warranty that does not transfer. Slightly surprised that I’m having to explain the terms of their own warranty to Naim on that. But it sounds like the problem is more likely to be the ND555, which is out of warranty.

Yes, that doesn’t sound right - the original 2 year UK warranty is transferrable;

It’s probably not much help, but I had the dreaded stuck relay on my NDX2 (same issue as your, losing one channel, then eventually both) and it was just out of the 2 year warranty and after the Naim dealerships changed hands here in NZ. The original dealer I had bought it from fixed it free of charge even though it was out of warranty and they were no longer the Naim dealer.

It would be pretty disappointing if Naim are taking £800 off loyal UK customers to fix what is a well known and reoccurring fault with their products.

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Naim have offered to fix it for me for free, but I am spending a lot of money on an upgrade at the same time. Hopefully no more issues in the future.


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