One happy new Naim owner

My first post hear and i am not in the same league as most people hear with my very modest system consisting of a raspberry pi3 with a Allo DigiOne feeding a Pro-ject pe box S2 DAC (battery powering them both) then onto my Naim Nait 5SI out to my Neat Motive SX-2 Speakers.
The sound is something i have been looking for four years,all in all i am very happy with my setup i might change to DAC to a Naim unit but that’s for the future,as for now just sit back and enjoy the music :star_struck:


That’s what it’s all about, enjoy the music, and welcome.


Welcome. Enjoy the groove!

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i suspect the vast majority of Naim users started with systems that were at the lower end of the Naim spectrum and moved upwards. I started with a Nait, a Naim CD player and Naim tuner.

As far as my current Naim system is concerned I have one desire , which is to slightly reduce the box count , and one regret. I went to buy a Nait Nat 01, and found they had stopped making it about two weeks earlier…

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