One ND555, One CDP555, 2 PS 555DR; is this crazy?

Just got an ND555 head unit; couldn’t wait any longer…already have a cdp555 with 2 PS555 DR.

Now logically I could use one ps for each source…but as I am aware of the benefit of the second ps, I will not go that route.

So I could have the 2 ps on the nd555 as main source and switch them on The cdp when I want to listen to a cd. Here I have to assume that the burn in of a cdp headset is not as important as the ps (who will always stay powered)

Now the real crazy idea would be to have each of the 2 sources powered by the 2 ps…! This way each source would have say input 1 from ps 1 and input 2 by ps2…Has anyone tried this already?
Theoretically it provides more separation for each source since the power inputs are coming from separate ps…However I’m not expert in the matter and do not want to blow everything up…
Any thoughts???

I asked Naim about this possibility, they thought the Naim system signal earthing scheme would be upset by it making the result unpredictable.
Put some time into optimising the ND with a single ps, I found it surprisingly sensitive to plug position and I could never get the best out of it when set to floating so having a CD player connected to the pre amp at all was holding it back.

it Could be very nice solution for us having both cd and streamer with 2 PS

I would just try it as nothing to lose in doing so. If you can’t hear any problems then great

I would not risk such expensive kit with these kind of experiments.

I would use the 2 PS on the ND555 and compare it with the CD555.

I think you might find that they’re both very good, and just use the ND555.

The Cd555 may find another home?

Otherwise you could keep the CD555 and use that one on alternate months?

Or use both at the same time one PS555 for each, and make sure the signal earth on the ND555 is set to floating if using at the same time as CD555.

Doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy yourself with both kit.

that’s my goal nowadays, to simply enjoy the music.

I use on some days an audio quest Dragonfly red in my car, and on some other days I use a Chord Mojo. Of course the Mojo is better, but the DF red has the ability to decode MQA,and besides plays CD quality music quite well too.

As long as it is engaging, it doesn’t really matter that much anymore to me which piece of Kit I use.

I guess once you hear the ND555 properly setup with the right cables and switches, you will not feel the urge to play CD’s anymore as the ND555 is superior…

I still enjoy both at the same time, playing hi res trough nd555 and my cds on cd555

I did rip so few

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When I first got my ND555 I was sure in my mind that I would never sell my CD555 head unit which I ran on two 555 supplies. However after a month or so I was so impressed with the streamer that the CD player was rendered redundant and so I thought it deserved to go to a new home. So see how you feel after a while about keeping the CD555.

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Thanks! Yes for sure, I’m all in with the ND555 now with the 2 ps supporting it and the cdp as a piece of furniture.
I will try experiments in a few months when I have a good grasp on the ND. Just thinking ahead…Also in terms of « capital allocation » maybe better grab a core and sell the cdp…

Yes also what I expect, but not yet there…

Hi Michael, how long did it take for you to be impressed? Just want to have an idea…

Hi Yeti, yes for sure optimizing the ND is taking 100% of my weekend now. What are the key milestones for burn in, in your opinion?

Don’t you hear the advantages of a good cd played on a great cd player such as a CD555?
I have a ND555 + 2x555PS DR and a CDS2+555 DR, what can I say… the cd is more clear,
more silent in between, more precise, the streamer is more smeared, less tension, less grip.
That’s in a UnitiCore + Chord Sarum T ethernet cable environment…
Maybe it’s only in Classical Music and Jazz but I don’t know, the cd is not boring and the streamer is
boring, sometimes. It’s all sound like the same recording through the streamer.

Just use one PS on each unit. Otherwise you risk compromising both as stated by Naim. The only advantage to having two PS units on one head unit is that each has a lighter load when half used. Having them fully connected to two different head units negates that and introduces a possible issue, so most likely a backward step.

Sorry for the hijack, I can’t quite get my head around why having a CD555 with 2x PS and an ND555 with 2x PS would be a problem. Surely Naim would consider someone might have a high end streamer and their high end CD player. Maybe less relevant now with the ND555 vs the NDS but around the time of the NDS I believe people may have wanted to have both units…

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There is no problem
As long as £28k in power supplies is no problem

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The CD555 and CDS3 got a pacific micro Sonics filter (not made anymore)

The ND555 got the naim filter

So maybe they do sound different…

Maybe I missed what was being suggested above then as it seemed to me that 4x PS555DR’s powering ND555 and CD555 was considered a no go…

I read the original question as could a pair of 555PS to power both, so take a Burndy from each of the power supplies to the CD555, and another pair of Burndies to the ND555 from the other halves of the 555PS.
I’m sure Naim would be delighted to have a cusomer with CD555, ND555 and 4 * 555PS. :grinning:

Ahhhhh! Thanks for the clarity! I would never have thought someone would do that tbh! I can see now the problem with that setup!!