One of life's little pleasures

We are now able to buy our milk in glass bottles .


We have had ours delivered 3 times a week for a long time. The associated little pleasure is shaking the full fat pint and depressing the foil cap. I also like the clink sound of the bottles.

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Didn’t we used to?

Free milk at school in the 60’s in 1/3 pint bottles and the milk crate monitors.


The Blue Tits will love this!! Just need some retraining no doubt!

Edit. Just saw a screw top on the pic ?
Much better with foil for the birds


Ditto, late 70’s, and finishing the extra ones.

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I was at King Edward’s School Stafford in the 60’s and at morning break we had free milk and Bath buns .


Wrong thread…odd…

Oops a political comment also eluded my posting, though I actually admired the individual for many things.

Can you get Gold Top?

“Now Ernie rushed out into the street, his gold top in his hand”

…he drove the fastest milk cart in the west.



Milk in a glass bottle now there’s an idea, there are a few up market milks sold here in glass but mostly it’s damn plastic and the odd cartons.

A farm producer local to me used to deliver milk in bottles until only about 6 or 7 years ago, but then sold out to the bulk people who do in cartons and homogenised. I know of two other local producers doing the same, but their delivery rounds are about 15 miles away.

I mostly drink skimmed, but with full cream I prefer it as it comes, not homogenised (perhaps that’s why I now prefer skimmed).

We used to get organic milk in bottles delivered until a few years ago, it got rather expensive though. I think the milkman is still delivering, not that long ago the milk float skidded on ice and I hate to think how many bottles smashed.

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Before you know it those Humphreys will be out and about again!


As it happens, Benny was , stick with this, my mother-in-laws, parents milkman when they lived in Eastleigh, Hants. Even my mother-in-law was young though.
And, it may not be true. A lot if what the old girl says has an element of truth, but often doesn’t stand up to too much scrutiny.
She’s never mentioned how fast his milk float was though.


You know there may be some truth in that I believe he was a milkman before hitting the boards.

He definitely was, in his native Southampton and Eastleigh. Stories of how fast his milk float were, may have been made up!

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Silver top then?

Hi well my dad was a milkman horse and cart in Tooting then milk float Crawley Town, brave new world! The milk float could never ever be described as fast

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