One or two snaics?

I have got a SN2 powered by a hicap DR.
I also have a 250DR power amp.

Manual shows a 200 power amp with only one snaic going to the hicap.

Without power amp manual shows both the 4 and 5 pin snaics between SN2 and hicap DR.

If I use the 250DR do I wire it up same as 200 or use both snaics and din-xlr cable?

No, the reason there are two SNAICS here is that the SNAIC 5 provides 24V DC power to the pre-amp of the Supernait and also takes audio signal from the Supernait’s pre-amp back into the Hicap. The SNAIC4 then takes signal from the Hicap back into the Supernait’s power amp section.

With your NAP250DR, instead of the SNAIC4, you would use the DIN-XLR to take signal from the Hicap to the NAP250DR.

Thank you
I will rewire without the 4 pin snaic :+1:

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