One question about CDS3

RecentlyI noticed that something wired of my VDS3. After reading CDs then the laser head will go to the end of the CD and then comes back. This is normal. But I noticed that the sound/noise when the head moves at this situation recently become louder, sounds lilke there are something a bit loose so when the head moves, there is syntony. For disc reading everyhting fine and still fast. I would like to know if there is anyone has same experience? Is it normal? I am just a bit afriad it will broken. Thanks!

I think they do run the cd and can have some noise some cd’s are worst than others for some reason. I wouldn’t think anything has become loose, could be the gear rail has become a bit dry or some contamination/dust/cat hair😽 has found it’s way to it. . Another wee thing and I know the cds3 has a very good puk but give it a very gentle clean, if it has rubber pads like the cds2 give them a rotation and the spindle mount with blu tack . The disk may be slipping as finger contamination its a common issue.
Don’t stress as it’s still going. If the issues isn’t resolved it may be an idea to get a service at Naim if you are able to.Hope that helps.

Oh have a look at the lens for contamination. Whatever you do don’t touch it with your finger of course LOL. I’m sure somebody here will tell you how to clean the lens.

Thanks for your reply! I will try to use a lens lower to clean a bit if I could reach the gear rail. I do not think it is the puk isssue since the puk is more or less new and the sound only appear when the laser head start to move. But thanks for your advice!

Naim’s recommendation for lens cleaning is to not even try as you’ll most likely make it worse.

Have you moved the player or knocked it recently? How square is the tray? I’m just wondering whether one of the locating pins for the tray has jumped out of the cup and is resting on the leaf spring instead. This is easy to do but a little tricky to fix. Sound will definitely be off.

Otherwise, it could be the laser head ribbon is catching somewhere.

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My CDS3 made similar noise and finally refused to play. The laser mech was done. Unfortunately Naim cannot provide a replacement. Hopefully your CDS3 will not meet the same fate. I bought a Cyrus CD1 XR since Naim has no suitable CD player available now.

I have found this on certain CD’s and it’s the same CD that makes the mech noisy. The recent Fleet Foxes album is quiet at the beginning and by the last track its noticeable between tracks. Incidentally this one of the best CD’s I have heard in terms of production on my Cds3.
I recently brought 2 secondhand Cd’s (30 years old)1 makes a noise throughout and the other no noisy mech detectable. The noisy one has several marks so I wonder if the mech has to work harder?

Could this be done by a dealer with experience or would it mean a return back to Naim?

How long did it take since you noticed the noise? How about the disc reading at that time? Was it still normal?

I mean it was like suddenly it refuse to play or just at the very beginning only some discs and later didn’t work at all?

Maybe. You’d have to ask them.

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It gradually worsened until complete failure. I would check with distributor on laser availability. Some may still have replacements. Naim HQ and Naim N.America have depleted their inventory. Replacements are available on ebay but quality is suspect. I miss the CDS3 but since Naim cannot repair it I have turned to Cyrus. There are numerous quality CD players still produced but apparently sales potential does not meet Naim sales requirements. A pity my all Naim system cannot be fronted by a Naim CD player any longer.

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