One question about circuit breaker

Sometimes if I need to turn on the CD player (powered by 555ps), the circuit breaker may blow down. I’m sure this is just because I need to change to a higher range circuit breaker. But I’m a bit worry if this may more or less damage or influence the parts in the power supply and CD player. May I ask can this happen? Thanks!

Are you in the UK? If so I understand you can change the breaker to a type C rather than B. The Amperage rating will be the same. Get an electrician to do it, but its a quick job. A type C has different tripping characteristics that cater for certain devices, e.g. big transformers.

Of course for Naim, it is usual to keep it powered on all the time.

Yes, usually I keep them powered on. But sometimes I just have some new cables and would like to have a try on them or just leave home for several days, so I turn them down.

I am in Germany not the UK. I will ask a technician about this issue. Thanks!

There is a description here of the types. Good luck.

As GadgetMan says, type C is what you want as opposed to type B that is the norm in a domestic circuit. However, unless you have a dedicated mains circuit for the hifi you need to make sure it’s right for the installation overall, and if using an MCB, you may find that your electrician insists on replacing it with an RCBO to comply with current regs.

Edit: I see you are not in the UK, so your hifi is probably not on a ring main shared with other devices. That may make things easier, although the regulations will be similar in terms of the protection required to comply with your local regs.

Thanks for your explanation. I will consult a technician about this issue. May I ask can this kind of very short term current has bad impact on the parts of the power supply and CD player? For example, the lifespan decrease or the performance decreases or something like this? Thanks!

Hi, not sure exactly what you mean by short term current? If you’re referring to the Type C performance, I wouldn’t worry about it. It was Naim who recommended that I changed to type C, so I think they know what they are talking about.

In Germany, many breakers (or all since a certain year or something) are some kind of fast blowing ones, I forgot the technical name. It happens, depending on random luck regarding at which point in the power wave you hit the switch. Does not hurt as far as I was told. It’s still possible to get the breaker changed to a slow-blow thermal breaker.

I think Desmond is referring to the high amount of inrush current when initially turned on. As long as the transformer is designed to handle this, it should be ok.

Thanks! I just thought it is a fast on/off conduction and also a big current. So was a bit worried

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Yes, this CD player has a tendency to trip the breaker

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Not to mention passers-by.

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Make sure if you trip a breaker that you switch off your equipment before resetting the breaker,

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