Online purchase using Paypal

Hello guys,
I have a quick question for those of you who use paypal to purchase hi fi components on the net.

I have been discussing the purchase of a couple of items someone have on sale, but I am not sure how safe it is to part with my money. He seems genuine. He sent me an invoice to pay through Paypal. Any things I should look out for, and should I not receive the items, can I do a chargeback through Paypal?

Is this someone selling via an online site (Ebay or dealer)?

I’ve used PP for years, only one problem they couldn’t help with, which was my fault in allowing a buyer to bully me (lesson learnt!)
Otherwise, never had a problem with PP.

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Use your credit card through PayPal and you will have additional protection.
PayPal Security for Buyers and Sellers | PayPal LI.


Thank you.

My paypal account is linked to my credit card.

This person is selling through “NAIM Buy and sell” FB group.

There are two types of PayPal payments if you use family and friends you will not have the same protections if something goes wrong. The goods and services option has full protection but costs the seller a fee. Using PayPal can also sometimes interfere with credit card protection. I’d only use friends and family if I was paying on collection or knew the person irl.

Linked to/part of the Naim Users FB group?
Any way you can track this person’s selling or even posting history?

I don’t know FB’s policies re Groups, sorry…

This person will only accept payments through Paypal. So, should I use the credit card option on my Paypal account? He sent an invoice through the site. It all seems legit, but there are some very creative individuals out there, lol

There are a few FB groups selling and discussing Naim products. I don’t believe FB monitor nor managed these groups.

I noticed that he has sold some Naim bits on there, that’s why I think he is genuine…

If you can only use PayPal your credit card gives you a chance at some protection.

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Ah… I’ve only seen the one Naim user group but I don’t look at FB beyond a bare minimum.

Photo of the serial numbers on the back, with today’s newspaper?
Stating PayPal only is a little odd isn’t it? Assuming £££ instead of £ I’d try to meet-up with a potential buyer, if I were the seller.

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Make sure it is a PayPal business transaction rather than transferring to friends or family.


for the seller it is the other way around
if the buyer complaints - for example the shipping box was filled with stones - it is also very painful
if you know what I mean …

@nan - You seem to be quite unsure…? In which case, its simple. Do not proceed.

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If you use Paypal, you won’t have any protection from your credit card. It lies in the hands of Paypal only. Saying that, Paypal is very good protection for the buyer and not so great for the seller, so you benefit, if anything.

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Lift up the phone - as Bob Hoskins’s used say - it’s good to talk.

There’s no way a scammer could fool you if you talk to them, we naim lovers are definiteivey not your average guy in the street.




Thanks guys for all the comment and advice. Greatly appreciated.

I completely agree with this