Online service subscription increases

For heaven’s sake Apple this is ridiculous percentage wise.

Apple Music Family went up by a few quid last year I think.

Qobuz charging extra for Paypal purchases.

Disney app price hikes.

Amazon Prime big increase this year.

Trouble is it’s a few pounds here and there so most won’t cancel but when there’s a cost of living crisis I despair of big companies raking in even more.

Apple must be feeling the pinch. I feel so sorry for them. Oh! Listen… I think I can hear the world’s smallest violin.



PayPal is optional surely? Or have I missed something?


Yes, I said the same in another thread, it was just an example which came to mind so I used it :rofl:

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The odd thing to me is that I don’t think it’s actually an unreasonable cost for 2TB of secure backed up storage except I wish there were higher tiers available at competitive prices, but that’s the maximum they offer per AppleID.

It’s the percentage price hike that annoys me, admittedly it’s been the same price for a few years so they may have absorbed costs beforehand.

Just put a 2TB NAS with drive encrytion in the garage, shed, mate’s house etc. At least Apple won’t be parsing your data then :wink:

I’ve disliked Apple since the Apple II so they’ve never had any of my money.


Trouble is despite their money grabbing tactics on all fronts since the sad demise of their former ‘leader’ I think I trust them for privacy more than any other corporation.

I may be deluded.

I resisted online storage for ages but as NAS type devices I bought years ago were crap I’ve shifted to online and multiple external drives.

Really should investigate more modern NAS solutions but I probably have higher priority things to spend cash/time on currently unfortunately.

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I do use Google Drive if it makes you feel better, I do store personal documents on there so I may be deluded as well. :thinking::grinning:

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If things are really sensitive I’ll encrypt them before uploading but for most of it I’m no longer bothered!

I’ve got my Will on there plus some password reminders! I had concerns at first but no alarms i.e. Ads, spam etc ever appeared I’m more relaxed about it.
Every time I buy something at Tesco they take my picture as I pay them :see_no_evil:

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Don’t use self-checkout, Waitrose even do it now as well I believe.

They should be obliged to indicate when you start scanning that they are doing this and what they do with the data.

The world becomes more and more surreal each day.


Unless it’s a full trolley I always use the self serve checkouts. I’m aware of GDPR and I know I may request my data at any time. T and C’s are probably on Tesco’s website.

Cameras are everywhere, even at my house.

My hope these days is that due to the sheer volume of data that corporations can’t really see much past the commercially valuable data which can presumably be easily harvested and aggregated vs highly personal information they’d be slapped down for associating with the former.

Probably wrong but there you go.

I’ve never yet been through self-checkout without calling for assistance. The last one I used was in ASDA when we had a full trolley, and I suggested to my wife that since we were in no rush, lets see if we can get through self-checkout between us. Anyway it was around 7 or assistant calls, mostly the system finding unexpected items in the baggage area, and another where it wasn’t clear whether the ASDA card was accepted.

All these systems are inconsistent. I suspect if you shop weekly in the same place you would get used to it, but not me.

What I do like though is the Aldi packing challenge. That is to pack into proper bags all your shopping as quickly as the cashier can scan it and pile items onto that very narrow ledge. The other day, the cashier was very impressed and said that he couldn’t keep up. Made my day!


First Apple rise in the cost of cloud storage that I can recall. I won’t be complaining about £2.49 becoming £2.99.

Disingenuous to link it to the cost of living crisis though. The impacts of that are on people who could only dream of owning an iOS device and those impacts derive from profiteering on food and fuel rather than streaming and cloud storage. If your income allows you to purchase Naim kit then these rises are annoying but they won’t be sending anyone here to a food bank or a doorstep lender any time soon.

Don’t know if you’ve noticed but everything is going up.

I don’t think it is disingenuous - I’m not talking about me personally in terms of costs of living but generally about well above inflationary rises in prices in many areas which affect everyone to a greater or lesser extent.

I hinted above about it being the first price rise I can remember too.

Are you telling me that no one who uses food banks has a mobile phone/phone subscription, Sky subscription or things like that?

My iPhone will be 6 years old this year, and just because I’ve purchased Naim goods in the past does not mean I’m ‘rolling in it’ right now.


Given the demographics of who now uses food banks then clearly some will have iPhones. Few will have paid for cloud storage though. Most are on PAYG.

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Undoubtedly. Hard to know about cloud storage I suspect though undoubtedly not a priority for most, but the free storage allowance might be adequate for many people anyway.

Mine is shared with the family for device backups.

I’ve been on PAYG for ages as I used to buy an iPhone outright from Apple, not on contract, but I’ve not been able to justify such expenditure for years and I prefer the form factor of my older phone but it won’t be long before it won’t get updates and might be a security risk.

I may not be in poverty but several unexpected pressures on my income (including an extended period of ill-health last year) combined with regular longer-term commitments, soaring energy prices and general food cost rises are really starting to bite.

If you use macOS 13 (or later) you can enable iCloud+ and Apple will not have the key to your data. On the other hand our governments may not allow this much longer so a well hidden SSD under the floorboards might be a better solution :slight_smile:

I saw that Apple declared they will remove FaceTime/iMessage from the UK market depending on some upcoming UK legislation. With the EU not far behind.

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