Only have music on right channel when streaming

Ran into a strange problem today. Music is only coming out of the right channel today from my ND5 XS2 streamer (both from NAS and Spotify). Played a CD and the system was fine with music from both channels - so I guess it means CD5si player, XS3 amp and speakers are fine.

Played the same tracks (from my NAS) on my secondary system (Uniti Atom) and everything was fine - thus NAS and files should not be the issue either.

I tried restarting (power off and power on) the streamer but it didn’t change anything. I have no idea what triggered this as everything was alright yesterday when I last listened to music. The streamer and CD player are connected to the amp with the DIN cables that came with the units. Does anyone have any ideas about what I should try next?

Try a phono lead. Something may have gone wrong with the Din output. It’s also possible it’s the Din cable, so try another if you have one.

Thanks. That’s a good idea - will need to get a new RCA cable tmw then as somehow I don’t have a single one at home :sweat:

I guess I could also use the DIN cable on the CD player to test the streamer and see if it is the cable at fault.

Update: swapped DIN cable - the same problem persists. Guess it’s not the cable. I will get my hands on a RCA cable tmw and try that.

BTW, are there any balance controls that I might have unwittingly touched to cause this?

It could be the input switching relay has failed.

The XS3 doesn’t have a balance control.

Not sure I understand what you mean with “input switching relay”. Is it the circuitry that controls the output via DIN / RCA?

Many thanks for confirming that. I could find it in the app, but wasn’t sure.

Yes, circuitry, it can break.

Crap. This happened quite randomly - didn’t experience any power outages or the like. I guess it’s just bad luck then.

Got both channels working with analog RCA cable. Which is a relief as I can at least use the streamer.

Since swapping DIN cable did not solve the problem, it seems the issue is very likely to be with the DIN output. Guess the only way to fix that would be to get it to the dealer for servicing?

Thanks for confirming, it’s what I thought would happen. You’ll need to send it in for repair unfortunately.

Good guess on your part. I was quite worried last night and didn’t occur to me to try the RCA connections. Thanks for the advice :+1:t3:

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