Only sound in one speaker


I have a 252, 250 DR, Supercap DR, NDX2 setup.
Lately there have been some thunder and lightning sp i have turned off the components and then pulled out the Power cord.

Done this some few times a year.

Now there is only sound in the left speaker, i can still hear the hiss sound in the right speaker.

I cant find out how to fix this, anyone has some tips?

Try to swap first the speakers cables ( inverse them). Then do the same at your amplifier outputs. You will know at least if it’s a cable problem.

Try a different source or your NDX2 source via a different input on the pre-amp. Try toggling the source mute a few times.

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I had this with ‘live’ kit/music playing, when an un-forecast thunder storm hit.

I powered down and left for 10 mins and re-connected and all was well – thankfully.

Hello Again,

It works perfect when i play music that is not passing thru NDX 2

If you are using din out from ndx2 to amplifier, try an rca cable……if you then get sound from both speakers, it is likely a stuck or faulty din relay in your ndx2.

Are you in UK?

That’s part good, obviously part bad news.

Was the NDX hard wired to your network? I wonder if it’s taken a ‘hit’ via data cabling/phone line?

Try @Gazza 's diagnostic – if it is a relay then back to Salisbury job (if in UK).


I dont think anything is hit, always been taking out both power cord and Ethernet cabel.

I will try to unplug/plug and do some different test to see what the problem can be.

FYI, Naim did have a poor batch of relays a while back, which only revealed themselves post production. And switching on/off can cause these to stick/fail.

Is the NDX still under warranty?

Sometimes, if the hi-fi gods smile on you, then leaving the unit off overnight can see things re-set themselves.

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I had a similar problem a few months ago. One channel dropped out. At first I thought it was the record (my source is an NDS with a 252 pre. Then I thought I’d accidentally moved the balance to one channel. I fixed it by fully rotating the balance control a few times and it’s been fine since.


This can be a useful way to diagnose a problem, but it can also be an expensive mistake in some circumstances. If the amplifier output has developed a fault that causes it to dump DC current into the speaker it can destroy the drivers. When you swap the cables, it then fries the other speaker, doubling your repair bill!

Bought around september/october 2018

Didn’t thought of that. Not a good idea then.

Sorry for late reply. A factory reset worked. NDX 2 is now playing music as it should:)

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