Openreach Fibre roll out

I’m keen to have fibre upgrade. I’ve noticed all the telegraph poles in my area (Wallington Surrey) have neatly coiled fibre which I’m guessing is in readiness. Today I noticed City Fibre black boxes being taped up also. Since our area is simply copper cables from the nearest pole I’m assuming they simply run new length of Fibre and fit ONT box inside. I also assume it’s done by Openreach so not sure where City Fibre comes in. Annoyingly using the Openreach checker neighbouring exchanges Sutton and Croydon are showing immenent upgrades the Wallington Exchance is coloured black meaning not at the moment. Not desparate would just be nice to have fttp. Any thoughts?

We have been staring at the endpoint of the installed infrastructure on a pole outside of our house for over 3 years now.
We are still not on the defined schedule and are told simply “…by 2025”.
It’s positively maddening as where we are, we are lucky to get 2meg (average is 1.58) :man_shrugging:t4:

It seems so odd them going to the trouble of getting all the coils of fibre ready and then doing nothing. Probably of course different teams of people

OpenReach often use local agents to do the work; certainly that happened here.

We noticed contractors fitting fibre to the poles around home. Placed our order and it was fitted inside 6/12. It took a little longer than normal as the nearest ‘access’ box was some distance away and they had to use a cherry-picker, which meant blocking the lane and using some temporary traffic lights; for which they needed Council approval . This was summer 19.

We went from an unreliable 2-6meg to 150, and now 400. Sorted!


We have LILA connect making a nuisance of themselves here……blocking pavements, driveways, road closures…….and the few who were interested are still not connected. Wife asked them why they start work but never complete it……they blame lack of planning permission. Talk to the local councillor……they never submitted a complete plan, so it gets approved or not, bit by bit. And just to annoy us more they keep hounding us to join…….told them a 2 year free deal and we are in😁 They give us £600 upfront and we will knock £10 a month off…….as if😬

Excel have been installing the high speed fibre infrastructure round here. I am just waiting for my existing contract with Sky to expire before I upgrade to FTTP for a speed of 900M.

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