Opinions needed on new cartridge

Hi community.

I’m looking for advice for a new cartridge on a Rega p8. Phonostage is SuperLine with Airplug Z 100 ohm.

Dealer proposes the Rega Apheta3 or Dynavector Karat17DX, both in the same pricerange. Does anyone have experience with the proposed cartridges, what do you think about the combination with the SuperLine?

Any input much appreciated!

The Apheta 2 works brilliantly with the Superline with 100R Airplug, so I’d imagine the Apheta 3 is more of the same, but better still. You’ll also have the big advantage of being able to use the 3 point mounting in the Rega tonearm. I’d choose the Apheta 3 almost for that alone as it must make for a substantial increase in structural integrity.

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I went through a similar thought process recently and decided on a Hana mc cart. I chose it after online reviews suggested that the Rega cart was a little toppy. My preference is for a less toppry more mid range and bass sound. The hana has provided that without any loss at the top end.

Have to be a MC?

I don’t find the Rega Apheta 2 toppy or bright at all. But it’s not overly warm either. It is exciting though and seems to be very agile…

Yes, MC only for the SuperLine. Thank you for your opinions

Apheta 3:
3-point fixing rigidity and no need to even think about alignment geometry,
No need to even think about arm height,
From the same design and sound philosophy.
…does not sound bright, in fact sounds neutral to me.
It really seems like a no-brainer to me.

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