Opinions needed on power bars/strips/distribution

I only have one duplex wall receptacle close to my audio equipment and like most people have a multitude of components to plug in. My main source is a Uniti Qute 2 and I also have 2 SBoosters, modem, router etc… I don’t know if I want one that filters or conditions as I don’t want to take away from the Naim sound. I also do not currently use any surge protection, I just unplug things during a storm. Should I get a solution that will protect against surges? Some options that I have seen so far are Wiremold L10320, Isotek Evo 3 Polaris, Zero Surge and Pangea Audio Octet. Looking forward to hearing about what you use or your experiences.

This one would be ideal. You want something well constructed that doesn’t add any filtering, switching etc.
If you search, you will find av options and basil audio have taken the original wiremold and then tweaked it.
In the UK there is a similar product line by Olson that make well constructed power distribution strips, and they developed the “sounds fantastic” line. It’s conceptually the same thing as the Wiremold product, and that’s what I use for our unitiqute 2 based system.

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Hi, if you want lightning protection you really need to unplug at the wall socket. Also disconnect wired Ethernet if you use it and have a copper phone cable providing your internet connection. The massive current of a lightning strike will easily arc across a small gap such as a power switch. Surge protectors are just for unexpected (non-lightning related) fluctuations in mains supply.

I took my L10320 and modded it myself a bit - added a cryo’d AV options Tibia power cable with a better connector, and got rid of the clip connections inside and soldered and wire capped the cable to the interior wires instead. Sounds great - or should I say to me doesn’t sound at all. I use iFi Ac iPurifiers for both conditioning and surge protection - again, they only help and don’t harm.

Thanks for that, I am actually considering the AV Options SuperWiremold. Do you believe upgraded power cables can make a difference?

I do, up to a point. And it’s possible to pick the wrong cable (a nice Shunyata I bought didn’t work at all on my DAC V1 sound wise). But I’ve had luck with the AV Options (I just buy the raw cable and put a nice connector on myself, leaving the molded IEC end), Sean Jacobs, and Ice Age Audio. Naim Powerline just unaffordable to me, even used.

Here’s the Wiremold. Grabbed a piece of leftover ipe we used for some railings and cut and sanded a piece. No idea how much if any difference it all makes but it made for a nice afternoon of tinkering. (the ability to be able to plug in the iFi AC iPurifier conditioner made the most difference) Herbie’s grunge buster where it’s screwed down, and feet under the ipe made out of Herbie’s dbNeutralizer.

I noticed you only have one component plugged into that powerbar, is that the DAC V1 and if so where are you plugging in the rest of your stuff? Do you know which version of Tibia Cable you have or what AWG?

That’s the V1 which is an AV Options Tibia12 with a Furutech plug. The Tibia to the Wiremold is an older AV Options 14AWG with the Wattgate plug. I’ve since plugged a rarely used turntable in as well. The rest of the system is plugged directly into two separate dedicated duplex outlets - a NAP 160 into the same outlet the V1/Wiremold is plugged into - the other dedicated line is for the opticalRendu power supply in one outlet and an AC iPurifier in the other. The Wall outlets are about five or six year old Porter Ports. Thinking of trying some different wall outlets at some point and moving the Porters to the office.

Hey, looking at your original post, I would highly recommend getting that modem, switch, etc, away from the hifi and on a different circuit. I know that can be hard in many domestic situations, but then fiber can be your friend (much easier to hide and route).

My next project will probably be to replace the Wirmold box with what gaffers call a breakout or knockout box. Essentially just a single duplex outlet in a small metal electrical box with a captive cord from outlet to plug. Since I only really need the two outlets, I can DIY a high quality outlet, cable and plug for a LOT less than an audiophile power strip, most of which would go unused.

I guess it depends on where you live , your point of view on AC power and budget.

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