Opinions on Chord and Rega amps

I’m wondering if anyone has actual listening experience with the Chord CPM 3350 integrated amp, or the Rega Osiris? Thanks fellas!

Friend had the Osiris and whilst it was very smooth it was also rather dull for the price and he had multiple issues with it to the extent he binned it and went down the valve route.

Well I’ve been using an Osiris for nearly 6 years now and smooth and dull are not what I’m hearing. I would describe it as very transparent , dynamic , powerful. Best amp I’ve had , in fact I only realised just how good it is when I bought some PMC MB2se speakers.

Built like a tank , only had one small problem with it which was quickly resolved by Rega at no cost.

Oh , and a brilliant remote unit.

@mikehughescq . So your friend had one. Did you ever listen to it?

No, not at all. I’m always in the habit of making the effort to post on things I know nothing about!!!

Alternately, yes, I listened to it in the shop before purchase; several times subsequently and after a “repair”.

Thanks Mr. Folkman.

And thanks Mike for your thoughtful post.

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