Opinions on Technics SL 12xxGR?

I’ve just sold my Rega Planar 3 since I wasn’t very keen on it.

Have got my eye on the Technics SL 1200GR and have found it on sale for £1049. Is it a decent turntable? What’s the opinion on these?

@rps1 has the SL1200 mk2 in a very nice system and is very happy with the Technics TT. See current system pics thread.

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Thanks Gazza, unfortunately I do not have any experience of the new Technics models and the GR in particular. However my original SL 1200mk2 was a good improvement from my previous entry level rega and the addition of the Jelco arm improved it quite a bit further. I also happen to think they look fantastic which helps in my book. (appreciate this is very much personal preference)

One thing that do appreciate is just how easy they are to use automatic speed adjustment interchangeable head-shells if you have a couple of cartridges and on the fly VTA adjustment (with the stock arm) are all very nice things to have.

I would highly recommend listening to one first if you can as with all things like this it is all very personal.

I wonder what ‘wasn’t very keen on it’ means. The looks? The sound? I have a Rega Planar 6 and it’s excellent, though totally different from the Technics in terms of design. The 6 is light as a feather with the platter removed whereas the Technics is a real heavyweight at over 12kg. As said above, you really need to listen to one. It would be a shame to buy it and not be very keen on it.

Don’t get me wrong, no complaints about the sound of the P3 however it was my first turntable and I never got this magical feeling of the vinyl sound. I keep hearing people talk about warm sound, open soundstage and so on and to me it all sounds alien. Although the Rega looks are nice I never fell in love with them either.

So I thought, I might as well go and get the Technics which has always been my dream turntable (in terms of looks).

If it’s been your dream then go for it. You’ve got to enjoy putting your records on something that you like using and which looks and feels right to you.

Done! £1020 brand new after a £280 discount. Got the 1210GR as I thought black looks more timeless than the silver.



Hopefully post a photo in the Systems Pictures thread…

I was going to suggest changing the cartridge in the RP to see if that helped but too late! Enjoy

Enjoy and give us a report back,take care👍

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Congratulations, I hope you enjoy it. Would also be interested to hear how you get on. :+1:

Thank you all. Will definitely post some pics as sson as it’s arrived. It might take a week or two to arrive because apparently they have sold quite fast and RS have had to order more.

At least the wait gives me time to research and choose a decent cartridge in the £200-£300 range.

nagaoka mp150 or 200

Friemd uses a 2M ortofon PNP on this GR plug in version

Hi, I have just done the same as you! My other half is scarred of using my lp12 so it’s up for grabs & I ordered a refurb 1200gr from rs for£929! I have ordered a at95e in a head shell to bolt straight on to start out with and go from there! Well excited & a chance to rediscover my 1000s of house/jungle/dnb & dance records from back in the day! Keep us updated how you get on

I am a bit in the same situation. I never really felt the love for my Rega RP3 although It does look and sound good I guess. Always wanted to own a Technics SL-1200 as I love the design. The GR seem to be the one to get.

I’m very pleased with my 2m Bronze.

Technics rulez…


By the way, one of the recommendations is to upgrade the power cable to a shielded one.

Is Powerline Lite a shielded cable?

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No, all Naim mains cables are unshielded.

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