Oppo 105 issues on Naim Fraim

Hello All, question for ye.

I have a 5 shelf Naim Fraim, all my components are Naim except for a Rega Planar 6 and my old Oppo 105. I know there are better CD players out there but I like that I can use it for multiple options but what I really love is that you can switch it from 110 to 220v with the flick of a switch and it was one of the reasons I bought it.

That said, I have been going through all my cds recently and I have noticed that a lot of noise is produced when the Oppo is fired up and playing a very few albums. All are original so I know that’s not the issue. Below is what I have learned.

I took the Oppo off the Naim Fraim rack last night and set it up on the floor. I replayed it beautifully without noise on those few offending cds. First thing I noticed was the Oppo had an extraordinary vibration on the chassis once turned on. I had never put my palms on it before so I was surprised. Therefore I speculated if the Oppo was transferring this through the highly tempered glass shelves, ball bearings, wood setup of my rack.

Called Naim today and explained the issue. So basically he told me Fraim rack was highly engineered and designed based on the principle that all Naim internal components are isolated from each etc, ye know all this already. Although he said you can put other products on their racks, it can’t account for every manufacturer’s design.

I also asked why it only happened on certain cds. He doesn’t work in the cd department and design in Naim but an educated guess would be that some cds hold more data than others so it has different dynamics while playing causing more vibration.

I reinstalled it but without the glass, ball bearings, etc and let it sit on the wooden shelf, no success. So I am thinking the vibration is transferred to the legs of the shelf.

Any ideas out there to stop this besides getting a new CD player, digitally saving all my cds, etc? This noise is only created by a few albums but it’s annoying.

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I think the Oppo is a breed of player that basically “rips” the CD into a buffer memory during playback and does this by spinning the disc a lot faster than a conventional CD player would, hence the vibration.

I doubt there is a way around this as it’s part of the design.

I have an Oppo 203 that does the same so for the few CDs we own, we reverted back to an 80s Sony CD player which is nice and quiet during use.

Maybe try vibrapods or sorbothane isolation under the oppo.
You could simulate the effect by using a cleaning sponge to see if it makes any improvement. One of the thin flat ones like this:

That’s interesting Richard. I will looking to reading it’s process for some general knowledge. Thanks

Will try it out. Thanks.

Thankfully it only happens on a few so at times I forget about it but this time I will try this fix.

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