Optical cable muso 2 volume control

Hello. I’ve connected my muso2 to TV with optical cable. Now i cannot control the volume using TV remote and have to rely on either the phone app or muso2 remote. Is there a way I can still use TV remote to control volume?

I have Muso Qb 1gen, but I assume 2gen has similar behaviour regarding optical connection.

My experience is you won’t be able to control Muso’s volume using tv’s remote control. There 2 solutions I’ve found so far.

  1. Use programmable remote control f.eg. Logitech Harmony to handle Muso and tv simultaneously.

  2. If you own a separate digibox, connect optical cable to it and run only picture from digibox to tv. Thus you can set Muso’s volume f. eg. 40% and fine tune volume using digibox’s remote.

Volume control is not possible over any SPDIF connection. If your TV has an HDMI ARC output, you can use that to connect to the Muso and the TV remote will then control the Muso.
The way TV manufacturers implement HDMI ARC can vary, so in some cases it does not work as intended, but you could but a cheap cable and try it.

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